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Education Degrees

Online Education Degrees, Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Education

It takes a special person to be a teacher these days. Teaching not only involves teaching the basics of education, but many teachers play much more important roles in the lives of their students, inspiring them to great things. For many, teaching or working in education is a fulfilling career as it allows the educator to make a difference in people’s lives. For those who would like to earn an education degree, they can easily do so online, without ever having to leave home and attend classes that don’t fit in with busy schedules.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

Studying to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Education is the first step to becoming a great teacher. Most teaching positions require that the applicant hold a Master’s Degree in Education, but there are some undergraduate programs that, upon completion, graduates may be able to work in a teaching environment. These programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education for the following programs: English, Math, Science and Special Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education for the following programs: English, Math, Science, Biology, Chemistry and Social Studies

Earning a bachelor’s degree in education will prepare graduates for the above teaching positions or to go on to the next level of their studies, earning a master’s degree in education.

Master’s Degree in Education

Once a student has earned a bachelor’s degree, they may want to consider going on to earn a master’s degree in education. This usually takes an additional one to two years of study, and graduates are fully prepared for a number of terrific careers in the field of education. Some of these careers include: post-secondary education teacher, secondary education teacher, school counselor, school administrator, special education teacher, librarian and many more. Although it is not always necessary to have a master’s degree for some of these positions, having a master’s degree will guarantee a much higher salary than those who only have a bachelor’s degree in education.

Requirements for Online Master’s Degrees in Education

Before applying to any online facility to further one’s education, no matter what course of study students decide to take, including studying for an education degree, there are many things that they will need to consider. Do they have the financing, and are they eligible for student loans (many online programs are student loan eligible) or other financial aid (don’t forget, many schools offer scholarships for a number of their online courses)? Which school offers the programs most suited to their needs and interests? These are just a few of the questions that are going to have to be asked before choosing the right online education program.

Once a person has decided on the online education degree program that they are interested in taking, the next step is to learn what the requirements are in order to complete the program and earn a degree. For a student who is interested in earning a master’s of education in secondary education, they are required to have 18 hours of Professional Core Education and are expected to take at least one of the following courses:

  • Educational Research

  • Project in Educational Research

  • Principles of Curriculum Development

  • Supervision or Instruction or Classroom and Behavioral Management

  • The At-Risk Child in the School Environment

  • Current Issues in Human Learning or Social and Historical Factors in Education

If earning an education degree is something that interests you, the first thing that you should do is go online and check out the many programs that are available. Do your research, and soon you will be on your way to getting the degree that you’ve always wanted.

The Future of Education, and How Having an Education Degree Can Guarantee a Lifelong Career

No matter what the job market is like, there will always be a need for qualified teachers all over the world. Not only are many older teachers retiring, opening up positions for new teachers, but the population is growing, and many schools are finding that their classrooms are overflowing because there just are not enough teachers. Because of this, many students do not get the individual attention that they need.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Education is an ideal way to start an educational career. There are plenty of opportunities, and with online education being so convenient, achieving your career goals is extremely easy.

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