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Master's Degree Overview

Master's Degree Programs, Colleges, and Courses

No matter what career or occupation choice, there are thousands of people competing for a limited number of those jobs. How does a person give themselves the edge when there are others vying for a position? Having a master’s degree can be the perfect way to give a person the boost that they need even without the experience, in some cases. When the choice comes down to two people, one with a lower level degree and some experience or a person with a master’s degree and less experience, it will often be the person who has the higher education that will win out.

Master’s Degree Programs

Master’s degree programs are found in virtually every discipline. Some of these include: accounting, business administration, business, management, nursing, marketing, education, health care, library science, finance, hospitality and more. A master’s degree can open new doors of opportunity. It is important to compare the many programs that are available for a number of reasons:

  • Education at every level is a major investment, not only in time but of money and skill as well.

  • At the master’s level, the importance of finding the right fit for the program, school and student becomes even more crucial.

  • To know the various criteria for each masters program at each school.

  • Financing may be more widely available for some degree programs at certain schools.
For many people, the desire to earn a master’s degree is not matched by their time and availability to do so. One of the reasons that a master’s degree may be more difficult to obtain are the additional requirements or criteria to gain admission into the program in the first place. One of these is the need to have worked in the career or discipline for a set number of hours at the bachelor’s level before moving into a master’s degree program.

How to Choose A Master’s Degree Program

Reputation of the College/University: The reputation of the college that students choose to do their master’s degree program is extremely significant. It is important to research about the college prior to taking admission.

Programs offered: Reviewing the master’s degree programs and courses of the colleges that students are considering is important. Students should make it a point to look at detailed program and course descriptions. This will help give them a time estimate for the completion of the course as well.

Credentials and Caliber of the Faculty: Be sure to check the credentials of teaching faculty, and be wary of any college that is reluctant to discuss the credentials of their staff.

Using an Online Master’s Program to Solve Your Time Problems

There are only so many hours in the day. During these hours, it is important that all of the necessary tasks and obligations be accomplished without any of them getting shortchanged. No matter what is being attempted, it is important that the best effort be used at all times. An online master’s program or even only individual master’s degree courses can save some of the time without changing the effort or the success that can be seen. The same criteria tend to apply for the online programs as well as the traditional courses, however, the timing tends to be more flexible, there is the ability to learn in a student’s own style and at a self-directed pace and, most importantly, the online master’s program may be less expensive overall.

To compare the master’s degree programs there are several factors to consider:

  • The program must be fully accredited.

  • The criteria for admission should be fairly similar from one program to another.

  • The available financing is an important consideration.

  • Costs can vary widely from one online master’s program to another.

Master’s Degree Colleges Offering Online Degrees

Some of the reputed master’s degree colleges with online study options include:

  • Kaplan University

  • Ashford University

  • University of Phoenix

  • DeVry University

  • University of Phoenix

  • American Intercontinental University (AIU)

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