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Online Accounting Degree Comparison

Accredited Online Accounting Degree Programs

When looking for a good online accounting degree, it is important to both research and compare the various options. There are two different online program types, one being an entirely online program and the other being a program that is completed online with some additional courses that are scheduled at local schools as well. This type of program gives a blend of the different types of education and can give a well-rounded educational experience.

There are several advantages of studying and earning an accounting degree online, some of them more obvious than others. For instance, it might surprise people that they can save time, money and the environment by using an online program to earn their accounting degree.

Types of Degrees in Accounting

Associate’s Degree in Accounting– Prepares students to transition to a bachelor’s degree accounting program. This program includes basic accounting and mathematical courses in order to understand accounting practices.
Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting – To work as an accountant, this is the primary degree required. Courses include financial accounting, taxation, managerial accounting and taxation.
Master’s Degree in Accounting – To further one’s education in accounting, many people pursue a master’s degree in accounting. Alternatively, many adults also choose to opt for a Master’s in Business Administration, with a major in accounting. A master’s degree in accounting is extremely valuable for those looking forward to a lucrative and successful career in accounting and finance.
Doctoral Degree in Accounting – A PhD in accounting is primarily a research and education degree. It is designed to prepare individuals for a career in accounting research and teaching at the university level.

The Advantages of Online Accounting Degree Programs

Online accounting programs can be very beneficial to the busy adult, especially one who is working a job that does not have flexibility in scheduling. It can also be a better option for those who want to earn a degree in accounting but are not interested in returning to a classroom schedule because they may feel self conscious about their age.

The online accounting degree program is also beneficial to the environment by eliminating the need for many students to travel to and from classrooms. It also eliminates the need for many paper products because class work is done completely online. In some online accounting programs, the books are also available in an online form, eliminating the need for books and some of the expense that is involved.

When Considering an Online Accounting Degree Program

Starting a degree program of any type can be a risky venture if all considerations are not taken. There are many factors that can make one school or one program better than others. The first thing that should be determined and evaluated is the ultimate goal of the student. A career in accounting can start with a certificate program or a bachelor’s degree or beyond. In many cases, the higher the degree, the higher the pay and the more successful one will be.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Finally, there are several other considerations that should be investigated before starting any particular online accounting program. The following questions should be answered:

  • Does an employer offer tuition assistance or reimbursement if you agree to work for a set period after receiving your online accounting degree?
  • Is it possible to work as an accountant in training while earning an accounting degree?
  • In what areas are the online accounting degrees showing the most promise?

Comparing Course Work from Program to Program

There are several courses that should be included in all accounting programs, while there are others that may be core requirements that vary from school to school. Each school also has different credit transfer programs, so if there are any credits that have been previously earned or the potential for life experience credit, this should be investigated thoroughly as well.

Life experience credit may be very easy to obtain in the accounting degree program, especially for those who have been working in the accounting department or for those who have been running their own company. Finding out if there is the option for doing so is as simple as discussing your past life and work history with the admissions department in the school of choice.

Other course work that may be required in some programs can include additional math courses, English or literature, public speaking and even a foreign language. Having some of these core requirements waived or avoided can shorten the time it takes to obtain an online accounting degree and can also lessen the expense of the overall degree program.

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