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Most Popular Schools for Vision Science/Physiological Optics Major & Degree Program

A program that focuses on the scientific study of vision, visual processes, and related phenomena and clinical research and treatment modalities. Includes instruction in ocular anatomy and physiology, microbiology of the eye, electrophysiology, neurophysiology, corneal physiology, photochemistry, psychophysics, visual biophysics and motor systems, sensory mechanisms and photoreception, eye circulation and metabolism, geometric and physical optics, ocular development across the life span, visual stimuli and perception, color vision, eye motility, biometrics and measurement techniques, visual pathology, and environmental issues.

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Rank School Name Students % of Total Total On-Campus Cost
1 Nova Southeastern University 134 2% $43,580
2 Indiana University-Bloomington 11 0% $23,820
3 Ohio State University-Main Campus 5 0% $25,479
4 University of the Incarnate Word 5 0% $39,124
5 New England College of Optometry 5 56% N/A
6 University of Missouri-St Louis 1 0% $24,322
7 Pacific University 1 0% $50,486
8 University of Alabama at Birmingham 1 0% $22,495
9 Marshall B Ketchum University 1 100% N/A

This list indicates the number of students that completed the Vision Science/Physiological Optics program at the schools above.
It is not necessarily an indicator of academic rigor or quality of education.
Note that some schools do not have enough data to be ranked, and these schools will not appear in our lists.