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Most Popular Schools for Traffic, Customs, and Transportation Clerk/Technician Degree Program & Major

A program that prepares individuals to perform duties associated with managing revenue-based customs, traffic, or transportation services, such as control of domestic and international traffic, toll roads and waterways, and to assist in the dispatch and control of fleet-based traffic for businesses and public services. Includes instruction in record-keeping; preparation of customs and transportation documentation; operation of communications equipment; basic transportation operations management; tariffs, rates and fares; revenue collection and change-making; and interpretation of customs or transportation regulations and related legislation, policies, and procedures.

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Rank School Name Students % of Total Total On-Campus Cost
1 Diversified Vocational College 199 46% N/A
2 Bellevue University 47 2% $20,970
3 MIAT College of Technology 14 3% $13,933
4 Ferris State University 9 0% $23,194
5 New Professions Technical Institute 9 9% N/A
6 Tulsa Community College 3 0% $5,029

This list indicates the number of students that completed the Traffic, Customs, and Transportation Clerk/Technician program at the schools above.
It is not necessarily an indicator of academic rigor or quality of education.
Note that some schools do not have enough data to be ranked, and these schools will not appear in our lists.