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Top 500 Ranked Colleges - Safest Vocational, Technical and Career Colleges - Page 6

Colleges and universities ranked for campus safety on a scale that accounts for severity of a crime as well as frequency of crime. Campus crime statistics below are per 100 students. To find info about a school not listed below, try the site search at the bottom of the page.

Top 500 Ranked Colleges - Safest Vocational, Technical and Career Colleges - Page 6

2020 2019 School Name
Aggravated Assault
Vehicle Theft
Local Crime
101 99 Brightwood College-Arlington                   0.16
102 98 Everest College-Anaheim       0.15         0.15 0.10
103 101 Lincoln Technical Institute-Allentown       0.16           0.14
104 104 Southwest Institute of Healing Arts                   0.17
105 102 Heald College-San Francisco       0.07           0.16
106 105 Everest Institute-Pittsburgh                   0.17
107 107 Pittsburgh Career Institute                   0.17
108 106 Sanford-Brown Institute-Wilkins Township                   0.17
109 108 Brightwood Career Institute-Pittsburgh                   0.17
110 111 Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology                   0.17
111 110 Concorde Career College-Portland                   0.17
112 109 Heald College-Portland                   0.17
113 114 Everest College-Portland                   0.17
114 112 Sanford-Brown Institute-Jacksonville                   0.17
115 117 Vatterott College-Spring Valley                   0.18
116 N/A Sanford-Brown College-Grand Rapids                   0.17
117 119 Pima Medical Institute-Seattle                   0.18
118 113 Miller-Motte Technical College-Clarksville                   0.17
119 116 Carrington College-Boise   0.18               0.09
120 115 Platt College-Miller-Motte-Fayetteville                   0.18
Incidents per 100 students
Local crime is weighed less than campus crime in a school's overall safety ranking. Each city's safety ranking is based on the same categories that are displayed for crimes that take place on campus.

The campus crime statistics published on StateUniversity.com are compiled from crime reports submitted by college/university law enforcement between January 1 and December 31, 2019. College safety ratings based on campus crime can be a useful tool in evaluating a college or university; however, these safety ratings only provide part of the picture. Before making a college decision based on campus crime reports, students are advised to consider other factors, such as overall crime in the neighboring community. Local organizations and law enforcement may be able to provide such additional information.

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