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Top Ranked Universities in Dist. of Columbia - Highest ACT 75th Percentile Scores

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Top Ranked Universities in Dist. of Columbia - Highest ACT 75th Percentile Scores

Rank in Dist. of Columbia ACT 75th Percentile Scores
2015 2014 School Name 2015 2014
1 1 Georgetown University 33 No Change
2 3 George Washington University 31 No Change
3 2 American University 30 31 (3.2%)
4 4 Catholic University of America 27 No Change
5 5 Howard University 26 No Change
6 6 Gallaudet University 20 No Change
7 7 Career Technical Institute 0 Not Available
8 8 University of the Potomac-Washington DC Campus 0 Not Available
9 9 Bennett Career Institute 0 Not Available
10 10 University of the District of Columbia 0 Not Available
11 11 Technical Learning Centers Inc 0 Not Available
12 12 University of Phoenix-Washington DC Campus 0 Not Available
13 13 Institute of World Politics 0 Not Available
14 14 Corcoran College of Art and Design 0 Not Available
15 15 Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family 0 Not Available
16 16 The Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Washington DC 0 Not Available
17 17 Strayer University-District of Columbia 0 Not Available
18 18 Strayer University-Global Region 0 Not Available
19 19 Radians College 0 Not Available
20 20 Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies 0 Not Available

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