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Top Ranked Universities in Utah - Highest ACT 75th Percentile Scores - Page 3

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Top Ranked Universities in Utah - Highest ACT 75th Percentile Scores - Page 3

Rank in Utah ACT 75th Percentile Scores
2015 2014 School Name 2015 2014
41 41 Sherman Kendall Academy-Midvale 0 Not Available
42 42 Paul Mitchell the School-Provo 0 Not Available
43 43 Maximum Style Tec School of Cosmetology 0 Not Available
44 44 Strayer University-Utah 0 Not Available
45 45 Medspa Academies 0 Not Available
46 46 Davis Applied Technology College 0 Not Available
47 47 University of Phoenix-Utah Campus 0 Not Available
48 48 Careers Unlimited 0 Not Available
49 49 Renaissance Academie 0 Not Available
50 50 Stevens-Henager College-St George 0 Not Available

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