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University of Nevada School of Medicine

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The University of Nevada School of Medicine is a community-oriented medical school that was founded in 1969. Supplementing university-based faculty, community physicians serve as teachers. The goal is to train physicians in primary care to be able to provide both rural health care delivery and treatment in an office or hospital setting. This school is one of a small group of community-based institutions.


4-year semimodern. First and second years: The curriculum emphasizes the biomedical and behavioral sciences basic to medicine. Basic science disciplines are integrated with each other and with clinical problems to promote the learning of problem-solving skills. A clinical correlation course exploring the basics of biomedical ethics, is taught. Early clinical training is provided for students to learn patient interviewing, doctor-patient relationship skills, and the basics of physical examination and diagnosis. Students spend time with a physician to observe medical practice in the office setting and clinic settings. There are also opportunities to participate in basic and clinical science research throughout the curriculum. Third and fourth years: These emphasize a balance of ambulatory and inpatient medical education designed to better prepare students for residency in all specialties. Third- and fourth-year students study clinical medicine in Reno, Las Vegas, and rural Nevada.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The school is committed to the recruitment, selection, and retention of individuals who are members of groups traditionally underrepresented. The University of Nevada, Reno does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, creed, national origin, or physical disability.


In addition to the basic premedical science courses, 1 additional semester of biology, and 2 behavioral science courses are required. There is no quota for out-of-state residents, but few are accepted into the second and third years. High priority for admission is given to Nevada residents. A very small number of nonresidents from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming or those with residential ties with Nevada are considered for admission. Applicants are evaluated on the basis of the level of their achievement, MCATscores, extracurricular and health-care related activities, and letters of recommendation. Selected applicants are invited for interviews in either Reno or LasVegas. Transfer and advanced standing: Possible from U.S. schools only.


Letters and numbers are used in addition to a Pass/Fail system. Both steps of the USMLE must be taken. Teaching: Five buildings at the north end of the Reno campus house classrooms, office space, the library, and research labs. Clinical facilities are the Veterans Administration Medical Center, Washoe Medical Center, and the University Medical Center, which provide some 2000 beds. Library: A Life and Health Sciences Library holds a significant number of books and subscribes to a wide variety of journals.

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