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Scholarships for Mathematics Majors

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Like computing numbers and using those figures for other purposes such as research? Then choosing mathematics as your major may be the way to go. Although there are less and less mathematics majors these days on campuses nationwide, there are still scholarships and awards for those with career interest in this field.

Scholarships are free money that does not have to be repaid. These are rewards worth seeking to lessen the load of possible college loans. To find mathematics scholarships, mathematics students can seek opportunities on-campus by speaking with the financial aid office. Students can also meet with staff from the mathematics department to find out what scholarships are available that are specific to their field of study.

While looking for scholarships and awards are a great supplement to a mathematics major’s financial aid package, the search does not have to stop with college scholarships. Mathematics majors can also seek outside scholarships using the Internet. Many organizations offer mathematics awards geared toward students pursuing a career in mathematics. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look and who to ask.

Where to Find Mathematics Scholarships

Most mathematics scholarships can be found on-campus at the school of choice, or by using the Internet to seek outside scholarships administered by various organizations. Types of scholarships include campus-specific scholarships, minority scholarships for mathematics majors, and outside scholarships offered by national organizations, foundations and corporations.

Campus-specific Scholarships

Most colleges and universities offer general scholarships based on merit and/or financial need through the school’s financial aid office. These institutions also offer departmental scholarships through the mathematics department. Scholarships are administered through the school but may come from a variety of generous donors.

The University of Utah offers a number of scholarships through its Department of Mathematics. Applicants must fulfill strict requirements to apply. Award amounts for the following scholarships differ each year.

  • Thomas A. Hurd Scholarship—awarded to mathematics majors that demonstrate financial need.
  • Susan C. Christiansen Memorial Scholarship—awarded to students majoring in mathematics education.
  • C. Bryant & Clara C. Copley Scholarship—awarded to students majoring in mathematics. Preference is given to female students.
  • Junius John Hayes Diversity Scholarship—awarded to female minority students pursuing a major in mathematics.

The Mathematics Department at the University of Michigan offers several scholarships to mathematics majors. The M.S. Keeler Department of Mathematics Merit Scholarship is awarded each academic year for up to four years to qualifying mathematics majors with an outstanding academic record, in the amount ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. The Margaret S. Huntington Award in Actuarial Outreach awards up to ten $1,000 scholarships to qualifying mathematics majors.

Outside Scholarships for Mathematics Majors

A great way to supplement your financial aid package is to seek outside mathematics scholarships. These awards are typically funded by national corporations, organizations, and foundations looking to encourage students to pursue mathematics careers.

Here are examples of outside mathematics scholarships:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers an undergraduate scholarship to students majoring in homeland security mathematics, science, engineering, or technology to apply. This award provides a $1,000 stipend for nine months, and $5,000 for a summer internship. Also included is paid tuition and fees. A mandatory internship with DHS is also required as part of accepting this scholarship.

The Association for Women in Mathematics offers the Alice T. Schafer Prize to women in mathematics who are undergraduate students at an accredited institution. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in mathematics. Award amount varies.

Science, Mathematics, & Research for Transformation offers the SMART Scholarship. This scholarship, recognized by the Department of Defense (DoD), is awarded to qualifying students looking to obtain a degree in one of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines. Applicants can be either undergraduates, or graduate status. Award is a full scholarship and possible employment upon college graduation.

Scholarships Tips for Mathematics Majors

  • Speak to a financial aid representative for general scholarships for which you qualify. These are typically merit- and/or need-based awards which are non-subject-specific.
  • Check with the mathematics department where you are attending college for scholarships available to mathematics majors.
  • Seek outside scholarships by searching the Internet. There are many organizations, corporations, and foundations which offer scholarships specific to mathematics majors.
  • When applying for scholarships, be sure to note all requirements and deadlines.

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