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American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Grants, Student Loans, & Fellowships

  • With more than 40,000 members, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a leading professional chemical engineering organization that promotes excellence in their field. Its members come from over 90 countries worldwide exposing them to global networks, learning opportunities, and access to vital information about methods and processes related to chemical engineering.

AIChE strives to be a global leader for the chemical engineering profession by maintaining personal as well as professional growth and security, and by applying chemical engineering knowledge and expertise in society’s everyday needs.

In addition, AIChE financially supports students pursuing careers in chemical engineering through its extensive scholarship and awards program. This article offers a list of scholarships and awards from this program and what steps students need to take to apply for these awards.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Scholarship and Awards Program

AIChE offers several scholarships which are sponsored by its chapters along with Fortune 500 companies.

Student Scholarships

Minority Scholarship Awards for Incoming College Freshmen: This scholarship program is sponsored by the Minority Affairs Committee, and awards up to ten $1,000 scholarships to qualifying graduating high school seniors pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. To apply for this award, students must be in a minority group, such as Native American, Hispanic, African American, or Alaskan Native; and, planning to enroll at a four-year institution, pursuing a degree in engineering or science. Recipients are chosen based on academic record, involvement in extracurricular activities, financial need, and career objectives associated with their major in engineering or science. Deadline for this scholarship is in May.

Minority Scholarship Awards for College Students: Sponsored by the Minority Affairs Committee, up to ten scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each is awarded to qualifying student members. To be considered, applicants must be in a minority group such as African American, Native American, Hispanic, or Alaskan Native. This one-time scholarship is awarded based on the student’s academic record, career objectives, involvement in AIChE student chapter activities, and financial need. This award may also include a certificate and honorarium to eligible students. Deadline for this award is in May.

John J. McKetta Undergraduate Scholarship: This scholarship awards $5,000 to a qualifying undergraduate student pursuing a degree in chemical engineering process industries (CPI). Applicants must possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0; be a junior or senior level student; be enrolled in a four-year or five-year co-op program; be involved in chapter activities; possess leadership abilities; be a national AIChE student member; and, be enrolled at an ABET-accredited institution. Other requirements include a nomination letter, and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member. NOTE: Only one nomination is allowed by each student chapter.

Donald F. & Mildred Topp Othmer National Scholarship Awards: Fifteen $1,000 endowed scholarships are awarded each year to national AIChE student members. Students must possess an outstanding academic record and be involved in student chapter activities. Applicants are required to be nominated by the advisor of the student chapter. NOTE: Each student chapter or Chem. E. Club can only submit one nomination.

Fuels and Petrochemicals Division Scholarship: This scholarship is supported by the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division of AIChE. Two one-time awards of $1,000 are given to outstanding graduating high school seniors planning to major in engineering or science. Applicants should possess strong leadership skills and plan to attend a four-year institution. Candidates must be supported by a FP&D member. NOTE: FD&P members can nominate up to two candidates each year. Deadline for this scholarship is in January.

Other Awards

In addition to scholarships, AIChE also offers a number of awards with cash prizes to qualifying students. These are great financial opportunities to help defray the cost of college expenses.

Separations Division Graduate Student Research Award: Six awards are distributed to graduate students demonstrating academic excellence. To be considered, candidates must be graduate students, submit a curriculum vitae, a nomination letter, and a research paper relating to the candidate’s graduate degree program. Nominee must be a student member of AIChE. Nomination deadline is in June.

W. David Smith, Jr. Graduate Student Paper Award: This award is given to a graduate student with a published work about chemical engineering computing and systems technology. Recipient receives a $1,500 and a plaque. Deadline for this award is in April.

Women’s Initiatives Committee Travel Grant Program: Sponsored by the Women’s Initiatives Committee, this $500 travel grant is given to a female undergraduate, graduate, or post-doctoral student to attend the conference. Grant funds must only be used for registration fees and travel expenses to attend the AIChE Annual Conference. Deadline for this grant is in August.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Scholarship and Awards Program: What You Should Know

If you are serious about obtaining a scholarship through AIChE, it is important to start your search early, read and understand all scholarship requirements, and send all application materials before the noted deadline. Students are allowed to apply for more than one scholarship or award, as long as they meet all criteria.

This article only touched upon the awards dedicated to students that offer cash prizes. There are several other student, faculty, and professional awards offered to members of AIChE which include certificates, plaques and other recognition awards. Visit their website for more information.

In addition to scholarships and awards, AIChE also offers competitions, such as the Chem-E Car competition, which award winners with cash prizes that can be used to defray the costs of obtaining a college education. For details on their competitions, visit the AIChE website.

How to Reach the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

American Institute of Chemical Engineers
3 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016-5991
TOLL FREE: (800) 242-4363
FAX: (203) 775-5177

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