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Online Bachelor's Degree in Accounting: Finding Accredited Accounting Degrees Online

There are many reasons that more people are turning to online education to earn their accounting degree. While there are many levels of degree programs in accounting, the bachelor’s degree can be the perfect way to set an applicant apart from the crowd while still not investing a huge amount of time in the educational process. However, it is important to find the right degree, which starts with finding the right school. A school that is not accredited can be nothing more than a waste of time in the general scheme of things, and even worse, can keep the graduate from getting as much as a second look when applying for jobs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

Those interested in pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in accounting need SAT or ACT test results. Another important part of the application process is checking on financial aid. By filling out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, individuals can find out how much financial aid they may get from the government.
With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, students develop important professional, technical, ethical and interpersonal skills that are needed to succeed in this fast-developing field. The course work provides an overview of key business areas.

Finding an Accredited Accounting Degree Program

The first step in the search for an accredited accounting degree program begins with an internet search using this or other keywords and using a variety of search engines. There are some search engines that can help to narrow down the choices based on a number of questions, however, for the basic search it is only necessary to search for basic information. The programs will be narrowed down as more information is found. For many schools, the accounting program will be only part of the offerings, while for others, accounting is the main focus of the school’s overall curriculum.

Narrow Down the Accounting Degree Choices

After looking at the curriculum that is offered by each school, the second step will be to eliminate any of the schools that are not accredited by the national accrediting agency. There are online accounting degree programs available from very well known schools, even locally known or nationally recognized programs.

Narrow Down by Pricing and Financing Options

Each school will have some general information about the cost of the accounting degrees that they offer as well as the various levels of degrees that can be obtained. Some schools will also offer information about financial aid and may have links directly to the federal financial aid website on their web page so that you can fill out the application for classes and financial aid with one link. Even in schools that do not have this information on their homepage, the information should be fairly easy to find or they should be removed from the narrowed down listing.

Request Additional Information

Most accredited online accounting programs will give applicants the ability to talk directly to an enrollment specialist who can answer any potential questions and can also walk students through the application process. The enrollment specialist can also walk potential students through the financial aid process as well.

Receiving a degree from an accredited online accounting program can be the key to a career change, whether it is for a young person who is looking to move from just a job to a profession or an older person who is looking for a second career to enjoy during their retirement.

Compare by Degree Offering

Not all accredited schools offer all levels of degrees in their various courses. It is important to make sure that the accounting program that seems to be interesting is offered as a bachelor’s degree program at the school of choice. There are other levels of accounting programs, including certificates of completion in addition to the bachelor’s and beyond.

Accounting degrees can be used for a variety of types of positions, including in the accounting departments for companies from small to large, in tax divisions and even for those who want to eventually own their own accounting business.

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