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Most Popular Schools for Polymer/Plastics Engineering Major & Degree Program

A program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of synthesized macromolecular compounds and their application to specific engineering uses, including the development of industrial materials with tailored properties, the design of lightweight structural components, the use of liquid or solid polymers, and the analysis and control of polymerization processes.

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Rank School Name Students % of Total Total On-Campus Cost
1 University of Massachusetts-Lowell 104 2% $30,552
2 Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College 39 4% $33,396
3 Case Western Reserve University 38 1% $67,332
4 University of Akron Main Campus 24 1% $27,279
5 Western Washington University 22 1% $24,077
6 University of Massachusetts-Amherst 17 0% $30,913
7 University of Wisconsin-Stout 16 1% $19,973
8 Auburn University 13 0% $31,590
9 Lehigh University 6 0% $68,595
10 University of Southern Mississippi 6 0% $24,048
11 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1 0% $26,834

This list indicates the number of students that completed the Polymer/Plastics Engineering program at the schools above.
It is not necessarily an indicator of academic rigor or quality of education.
Note that some schools do not have enough data to be ranked, and these schools will not appear in our lists.