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Top Ranked Universities in Nevada - Highest Cost of attendance - Page 2

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Top Ranked Universities in Nevada - Highest Cost of attendance - Page 2

Rank in Nevada Highest Cost of attendance
2020 2015 School Name 2020 2015
21 17 University of Phoenix-Las Vegas Campus $11,291 No Change
22 18 Truckee Meadows Community College $11,142 $10,869 (2.5%)
23 N/A University of Phoenix-Nevada $10,912 Not Available
24 21 Morrison University $7,672 No Change
25 22 Roseman University of Health Sciences N/A Not Available
26 23 European Massage Therapy School-Las Vegas N/A Not Available
27 24 Touro University Nevada N/A Not Available
28 25 DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management-Nevada N/A Not Available
29 N/A Wongu University of Oriental Medicine N/A Not Available

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