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South University was originally established in 1899 as a Practical Business College in Savannah Georgia by Dr. John Draughon. Since that time, the school came to be known as South University, and has now transformed into a full service university now located in Montgomery, Alabama.

South University offers programs in undergraduate as well as graduate studies. South University classes are offered at 11 sites, the main campus, and are offered online as well. South University offers degrees in the College of Health Professions which includes but is not limited to Health Science and Medical Assisting. The College of Business offers degree programs in Healthcare Administration and Information Technology. The College of Arts and Sciences offers degrees in Paralegal Studies and Psychology. The College of Nursing offers different levels of nursing degrees, from a BSN to an RN.

South University in Montgomery, Alabama comprises a two story building which includes computer and professional labs, state of the art classrooms, a bookstore, and a student center for the enjoyment of its students. The library is located on the second floor and is run by on-site librarians to assist with any librarian needs. The collection consists of books, periodicals, and videos. All specialized training for students and staff are held in the library, and such training consists of internet and proprietary database training; as well as trainings on bibliographic citation.

The computer lab has several workstations which offer tutorials, internet access, on line database services, and class support software. South University offers a litany of on line classes and students have the choice to attend traditional classes, on line classes, or a combination of both to better suit their personal needs.

South University operates on a quarter system made up of 11 weeks. Associate degrees require 8 quarters to complete. Bachelor degrees require 12 quarters to complete. The quarters are offered on a year around basis, which gives the student time to complete their curriculum without interrupting their courses with long breaks.

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Information Summary

Ranks 68th in Alabama and 3958th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 26.4
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $18,514
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 41 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 33% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 390

Unique Programs

Plus Learning

In addition to the traditional class setting that allows students to interact face to face with instructors and classmates, South University offers a unique system of learning known as Plus Learning. This program is geared toward the student who has multiple responsibilities and leads a very busy lifestyle, but still is interested in continuing their own education by pursuing a degree. The student is allowed to mix classes to better serve their own needs. The mixing of classes entails the student attends some classes in person and some online. Not only does this allow the student the flexibility of time to meet his or her own needs, but mixed classes also offer the student the ability to create a customized educational experience in a way that is conducive to their own lifestyle.

South University Online

South University also offers degree programs through online learning exclusively. This type of learning is also designed for the student who has a busy lifestyle. The exclusive degree online system of learning allows the student to be in class any time of the day or night. The student is able to log in to their courses at their leisure. Students are able to complete and submit assignments to their instructors via the internet course room. The student learns by interacting with their professor and classmates through course lectures and assignments virtually instead of in person. The assignments are given in the form of reading, videos, images and internet resources, and lecture style notes. A number of South University students take advantage of both the mixed and exclusive online programs. The University supports all of the programs to ensure each student has a successful academic experience.


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South University encourages interested students to apply to the university. There are three steps in the admissions process. The first step consists of requesting information needed to make a decision in a program that is right for the student. South University offers admissions representatives to assist in helping to answer all questions regarding the application and admissions process. The second step is to apply. An assistant director of admissions will go over the admissions process with the prospective student and review the degree offerings. The admissions director will also assist in completing the admissions process. The director will set up a time for the prospective student to visit the campus for a guided tour. The third step deals with financial planning. A financial aid representative will work with the student to form a repayment plan most suitable for the student. To be admitted to the university the student must have graduated from high school or have a GED certificate. The student must submit their ACT or SAT scores or a passing score on the universities administered admissions examination. Transfer students are accepted, but must meet the universities standards as it relates to transference of credits.

South University has several locations in addition to its Montgomery location. They are based in Austin, Texas; Columbus, South Carolina; Montgomery, Alabama; Novi, Michigan; Richmond, Virginia; Savannah, Georgia; Tampa, Florida; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and West Palm Beach, Florida. There are also two campuses in Texas which are located in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Financial Aid

South University offers several ways for your education to be funded. Federal Grant Programs, Federal Loan Programs, work study programs, and institutional aid. Federal Loan programs are usually based on the individual need, so other sources are available to add to the amount given in a federal loan if additional funds were needed. Because there are several locations for South University, before you apply for financial aid, you will need to be sure on which campus you will be attending. For the FAFSA form, each location has its own code that must correspond with the school to be attended. So it is critically important to ensure the code matches the campus location. For any assistance with financial aid, students are encouraged to contact the South University Office of Financial Aid for their particular campus. For students enrolled solely online, financial aid assistance is available via the internet.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 2440th for the average student loan amount.
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There are more than 40 educators and professors at South University in Alabama. Students and teachers have an average ratio of 13:1. Professors and teachers work to help the students understand their experience in the classroom as it relates to real world experiences. Each student is assigned an advisor to help guide and keep them on course as they work toward their desired degrees.


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