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Henderson State University

Henderson State University Rating: 3.5/5 (19 votes)

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Henderson State University is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The main goal of the school is to provide the best possible university experience throughout Arkansas and beyond. The mission has remained this way since 1890. HSU is a community of bright and motivated students, caring educators who are subject matter experts, world class facilities, and of course the Reddie Spirit.


Henderson is proud of their academic reputation. Students who attend find an environment where knowledge comes alive, where perspectives are broadened, and where life-changing skills are developed daily. To ensure academic excellence for their students, the school strives to create an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Students must meet the university’s academic standards and adhere to general academic policies. The university’s programs of study are offered through five distinct colleges and schools including the Ellis College of Arts and Science, School of Business, Teacher College, Honors College, and Graduate school.

At HSU, nothing is more important than going beyond preparing students for successful careers, and empowering them to live successful lives. The Ellis College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide range of majors including Art, Chemistry, Math, Music, English, and Nursing. This broad curriculum allows students to become well rounded individuals.

At Henderson, the study of business is very serious business. The college is one of the smallest universities in the country to earn the coveted accreditation of the AACSB International (Associates to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and the aviation program is the only four-year, university-level aviation program in the state.

Anyone in the region will tell you that the school is a highly rated teacher college in the state of Arkansas. HSU is accredited by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCATE) for a number of undergraduate and graduate programs in education. Through the years, the school has provided some of the finest teachers in the region.

The Honors College offers students a way to distinguish themselves throughout his or her academic career. With the one-word motto arête (highest excellence) the Honors College seeks to impact the lives of their students at a higher level and enable them to mature intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The institution takes tremendous pride in the fact that the Honor students are some of the most active and engaged individuals in the campus community.

The school also offers master’s programs in education, business, counseling, sports, administration, and the liberal arts, as well as an educational specialist degree. The Graduate School provides exceptional learning opportunities to motivated individuals. Their liberal arts foundation is complemented by these highly focused graduate-level programs that offers a distinctive approach and setting for the learners

Most Popular Fields of Study


All students from the United States and abroad are highly encouraged to submit their application for admissions. The student body includes international, US and Arkansas students of all ages and backgrounds, which contributes to the diversity on campus. Students can easily transfer credits obtained at previously attended educational institutions, whether in the United States or out-of-country. The school tries its best to recognize all previously earned credits, provided that they fall into the requirements for the student’s specific degree or program of study. Students interested in applying may do so for the Fall or Spring semester. The application for admissions period usually begins several months prior to the start of the semester. All students are encouraged to apply early in order to secure their place for the semester they are planning to attend. Undeclared major students are accepted as well and will start by completing the General Education Requirements until a major is declared.

Financial Aid

As with any institution of higher learning, HSU understands that not all students and all families can afford the cost of tuition and fees of a degree-granting institution. Federal financial aid is available through a number of ways and all students are encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which should be filed shortly after applying for admission. Students eligible for aid include US citizens as well as non-citizen students who meet certain criteria according to the US government. International students and students who may not cover all tuition and expenses through federal aid are encouraged to apply for the various scholarships and awards offered by the university itself.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5248th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in Arkansas.


The school has heart and takes campus life to a different and exciting level. On the first day of orientation all students gather to form a giant heart. There will be great friends made and all individuals will be accepted for who he or she is.

The campus goes beyond just talking when it comes to technology; more than $50 million has been invested in new and renovated facilities in the past decade alone. The location of Arkadelphia offers beautiful mountains, bountiful trails, clean rivers, and crystal clear lakes. This atmosphere and setting is one of a kind and adds a great deal to student life.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics

Additional School Information

Any school or university can have a mascot, but Henderson believes the Reddie Spirit is way cooler and goes deeper than anything that could fit into a big furry suit. It’s a spirit that was born in 1914 when students decided to rebuild their fire-ravaged campus buildings rather than go elsewhere.That school spirit is still alive today.

The college is filled with rich and fun traditions which includes the Battle of the Ravine that has grown out of 120 years of history. An annual football game with “the school across the street” is a serious source of pride and a week’s worth of fun. These traditions and many others help to create memories that last a lifetime.

Information Summary

Ranks 13th in Arkansas and 1398th overall
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Campus Crime Statistics

Ranks 0th in Arkansas and 474th overall on StateUniversity.com‘s Safe School Index
  Incidents per 100 Students
Aggravated assault N/A N/A
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
Rape 3 0.08
Robbery 1 0.03
Arson N/A N/A
Burglary 15 0.40
Larceny N/A N/A
Vehicle theft 2 0.05
Arrest 2 0.05

Local Crime Statistics

  Incidents per 100 People
Aggravated assault 52 0.48
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
Forcible Rape 3 0.03
Robbery 5 0.05
Arson N/A N/A
Burglary 91 0.84
Larceny 281 2.60
Vehicle theft 15 0.14

Carnegie Foundation Classification

Master's Colleges and Universities (medium programs)
UndergraduateProfessions plus arts & sciences, some graduate coexistence
GraduatePostbaccalaureate with arts & sciences (education dominant)
Undergraduate PopulationFull-time four-year, selective, higher transfer-in
EnrollmentVery high undergraduate
Size & SettingMedium four-year, primarily residential

General Characteristics

Title IV EligibilityParticipates in Title IV federal financial aid programs
Highest offeringPost-master's certificate
Calendar SystemSemester
Years of college work requiredN/A
Variable Tuition
Religious AffiliationN/A
Congressional District504

Special Learning Opportunities

Distance LearningN/A
ROTC — Army / Navy / Air Force  —   /   / 
Study Abroad
Weekend College
Teacher Certification

Student Tuition Costs and Fees

Ranks 1592nd for total cost of attendance
  In District In State Out of State
Effective as of 2014-09-19
FT Undergraduate Tuition $4,584 $4,584 $9,840
FT Undergraduate Required Fees $1,553 $1,553 $1,553
PT Undergraduate per Credit Hour $191 $191 $395
FT Graduate Tuition $4,284 $4,284 $8,802
FT Graduate Required Fees $1,173 $1,173 $1,173
PT Graduate per Credit Hour $238 $238 $489
Total Cost of Attendance — On-Campus $18,934 $18,934 $25,054
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus w/out Family $20,812 $20,812 $26,932
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus with Family $13,656 $13,656 $19,776

Student Tuition Cost History and Trends

Prior year cost comparison
  In District In State Out of State
Published Tuition & Fees $7,010 $7,280 $7,010 $7,280 $12,620 $13,160
  Cost (regardless of residency)
Effective as of 2014-09-19
Books & Supplies $1,200(N/C)
On-Campus – Room & Board $5,266 $5,526
On-Campus – Other Expenses $4,236 $4,246
Off-Campus w/out Family – Room & Board $5,996(N/C)
Off-Campus w/out Family – Other Expenses $5,636 $5,646
Off-Campus with Family – Room & Board $4,836 $4,846

Admission Details

Effective as of 2014-09-19
Application Fee RequiredN/A
Undergraduate Application FeeN/A
Graduate Application Fee$25
First Professional Application FeeN/A
Applicants 3,350 (1,386 male / 1,964 female)
Admitted 2,084 (850 male / 1,234 female)
Admission rate 62%
First-time Enrollment 704 (307 male / 397 female)
FT Enrollment 699 (305 male / 394 female)
PT Enrollment 5 (2 male / 3 female)
Total Enrollment3,583

Admission Criteria

 = Required,   = Recommended,   = Neither required nor recommended
Open Admissions
Secondary School GPA / Rank / Record  /   / 
College Prep. CompletionN/A
Formal competency demoN/A
Admission test scores
Other testsN/A

Admission Credits Accepted

Dual Credit
Life Experience
Advanced Placement (AP)

Athletics - Association Memberships

Sports / Athletic Conference Memberships NCAA

ACT Test Admission

918th for 75pctl scores
Applicants submitting ACT results 94%
Verbal scores (25/75 %ile) 18 / 24
Math scores (25/75 %ile) 17 / 24
Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile) 19 / 24

SAT Test Admission

760th for 75pctl scores
Applicants submitting SAT results 3%
Verbal scores (25/75 %ile) 460 / 538
Math scores (25/75 %ile) 490 / 590
Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile) 950 / 1128

Student Services

Remedial Services
Academic / Career Counseling
PT Cost-defraying Employment
Career Placement
On-Campus Day Care
Library Facility

Student Living

First-time Room / Board Required
Dorm Capacity1,378
Meals per Week19
Room FeeN/A
Board FeeN/A

Faculty Compensation / Salaries

Ranks 2665th for the average full-time faculty salary.
Effective as of 2014-09-20
Tenure system N/A
Average FT Salary $56,837 ($59,725 male / $50,648 female)
Number of FT Faculty 173 (98 male / 75 female)
Number of PT Faculty 255
FT Faculty Ratio 0.7 : 1
Total Benefits $3,531,745

Brooke Bright+

Brooke Bright graduated with her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She currently resides with her family in Northern Illinois. When she is not chasing her two sons around you can find her organizing something or reading a mystery novel.

1100 Henderson Street
Arkadelphia, AR 71999-0001
p. 870-230-5000
w. www.hsu.edu

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