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First and foremost, it’s worth noting that Ottawa University is not in cold Canada, but in warm and sunny Phoenix, where many of its students are adults looking for a jump-start on a career change. A private, accredited university with a diverse student body, Ottawa University is an excellent choice for those who are looking to start over again at any age.

Because so much of the student body attending Ottawa University – Phoenix is already out in the working world and living busy lives, classes are nontraditional when it comes to scheduling. If there is something that a student cannot make during traditional daytime school hours, chances are there is an equivalent course offered either exclusively online or during the evenings. This allows for greater flexibility with incorporating earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree with continuing to manage previously existing life responsibilities.

For those who think that attending college to earn a degree will take too long, one of the unique and truly incredible things about Ottawa University is that it awards credit for life experience. Students will find that not just previous college coursework can net you some credit towards a degree, but military, work, and general life experience, too. Eligibility is determined by speaking with an admissions counselor or someone in the academic office, but this nontraditional approach has done wonders in attracting students.

Ottawa University – Phoenix is split into three schools: The School of Arts and Sciences, The School of Education, and the School of Business. Popular courses of study include Biology, English, Mathematics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Early Childhood Education, and Elementary Education. There are also various degrees to be earned in different and more freewheeling subjects, such as Dance, Music, and Psychology.

As far as master’s programs go, Ottawa University – Phoenix offers a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, a Master of Arts in Human Resources, a Master of Arts in Education, and a Master of Business Administration. Established in 1865, the university now has campuses in a number of cities around the country, including its Phoenix location. Those searching for a nondenominational college environment should be aware that the school does have a religious affiliation, but that this does not slip into the classroom when it comes to education.

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Applying to Ottawa University – Phoenix is as simple as having a speedy internet connection, since both the bachelor’s and the master’s application are available to download online. Be sure to include any official high school or college transcripts that you may have, or proof of a GED if you do not have a high school diploma. Be advised that, depending on your department, you may need to take placement tests after acceptance.

Unlike so many other schools, since Ottawa University – Phoenix accepts life experience, work experience, and military experience for college credit, be as specific as you want about that, along with detailing any previous college coursework completed. Whether you are a transfer student or a student starting out on earning a second degree in a nontraditional way, it’s possible to begin while already having credit under your belt towards your new degree.


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Financial Aid

Many students, both traditional and adult, receive some form of financial assistance through financial aid to cover the costs of attending Ottawa University – Phoenix. The most common methods of financial aid are the usual federal programs and grants, including the Stafford Loan and PELL Grant. Specific to the school, there is the TEACH Grant, which offers a way to finance a career in teaching.

The Financial Aid Office at Ottawa University – Phoenix will provide a list of scholarships for students to apply for, and will also offer assistance in helping students apply for those scholarships. Additionally, the school’s website has a helpful and extensive section of frequently asked questions regarding financial aid, including helpful hints about things to avoid if you are concerned about a delay in your FAFSA, like being sure to not leave any fields blank, even if they do not apply to you.

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With a mix of students of all ages and backgrounds and a student body that is mostly commuting to class, there is not a residential campus life to speak of at Ottawa University – Phoenix. However, there are a number of activities for students to participate in on campus that don’t involve life in the classroom (and some others that are equally fun, but do). As far as student organizations involving chosen career paths go, the most popular on-campus chapter is the society for Human Resource Management.

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Ottawa University’s mascot is the Braves, with the women’s sports teams being referred to as the Lady Braves. However, only the Kansas campus offers the opportunity to participate in official team sports, with the Phoenix campus instead offering up a number of different more casual, recreation-based opportunities to participate in club sports.

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