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Situated next to the heart of the business district of Orange County, the Art Institute of California-Orange County is a fashion, media, design, and culinary arts school. It is one of forty schools across the country comprising the system known as The Art Institutes, which provides education in fashion, design, media, and culinary arts. As one of the foremost art institutes on the west coast, The Art Institute of California-Orange County strives to offer a unique kind of postsecondary education of students seeking to pursue careers in various artistic disciplines. After graduating from The Art Institute of California-Orange County, students are prepared for positions in their chosen fields, from culinary arts to fashion design. The Art Institute of California-Orange County involves industry employers in the development of curricula, so that courses can be directed towards helping students to fully develop the skills necessary to thrive in future careers in their chosen field. The school also seeks to maintain a collaborative, teamwork oriented learning environment, so that students not only develop artistic and creative thinking skills, but also develop the skills necessary to become effective leaders in the real world.

Information Summary

Ranks 327th in California and 3538th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 41.5
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance N/A
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 25 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 56% / 31%
Enrollment Total (all students) 1,761


The Art Institute of California-Orange County offers Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees in the areas of Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing and Management, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, and Visual and Game Programming. Among the numerous opportunities offered by the Art Institute of California-Orange County, the school maintains strong ties with industry leaders and experts in the community. And as a result, students are given the opportunity to not only learn from professors in class, but to gain from the knowledge of those who are currently affecting the future of fashion, design, and culinary production in the real world as well.

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Unique Programs

Among the numerous unique programs offered by The Art Institute of California-Orange County, the evening and weekend course option has become a great program for non-traditional students who may have other commitments on weekdays. The program is offered for students seeking to attain their Associate of Science degree in Culinary Arts, their Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Management, their Associate of Science or Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design, or their Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. The school allows these students to attend courses only in the evening or on weekends in order to attain the credits necessary to acquire their chosen degree. The program generally allows students to enroll in three to four classes each semester, and it generally takes two to three years to complete an Associate’s degree, and three to four years to acquire a Bachelor’s degree.


For potential matriculates seeking admissions to The Art Institute of California-Orange County, the school’s official website offers an online application. Students must have completed their high school education, have a General Education Development certificate, or have a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a postsecondary education institution. For students who have General Education Development scores, but are unable to provide an official transcript of GED scores, the school allows for the submission of alternate documentation to satisfy the requirement. High school seniors who are still completing their education should submit a partial transcript, which must indicate their expected graduation date. In addition to these requirements, potential matriculates must submit two essays, of approximately one page in length. Essay topics are available at the school’s official website. Prospective students are interviewed either by phone or in person by an assistant director of admissions from the college. The interview seeks to help the admissions committee to determine the likelihood that the student will succeed in the art institute environment. Although not required, nationally recognized exams, such as the ACT or SAT, may be submitted and will be considered by the admissions committee as well.

Financial Aid

The Art Institute of California-Orange County has developed an extensive set of resources, available from the school’s official website, to help individuals to navigate through tube process of applying for financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships. The school maintains a full-time financial aid staff, dedicated to helping students and potential matriculates find the best avenues through which they may seek to finance their individual educations. Students may download forms for state, federal, and school-specific financial aid from the school’s website directly, in addition to finding answers to commonly asked questions there as well. The school’s financial aid office also has information about opportunities through the EDMC Education Foundation, a non-profit corporation which raises scholarship funds to help prospective and enrolled students based on merit or financial need.

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