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A well-established career-oriented institution, Blake Austin College focuses on providing students with vocational educational opportunities. Instead of focusing on a variety of different academics in a liberal arts context, the college instead provides the chance to enroll in specific programs that provide extensive training to prepare for various careers, as well as providing the sort of contemporary training that ensures students will be able to find gainful employment immediately after completing their courses of study.

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Retention (full-time / part-time) 90% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 301


The most popular programs are in the medical or business fields, with specific business and medical programs that offer students the chance to specialize in either office-oriented career training or medical administrative courses. Each specialized course of study is taught by fully qualified professionals who are able to cue students in on exactly what skills they will need upon entering the workforce.

Students can choose between focusing on administrative graphics, computerized office administration, administrative Microsoft Office specialist, or other business-related affiliations. The computerized office with bookkeeping program provides training that assists in entering the financial management field, with regular accounting procedures taught alongside training on specific contemporary accounting software. Students will also learn how to correctly operate a number of programs, including MS Word and Excel, integrated accounting for Windows, and Quickbooks Pro Accounting. The administrative Microsoft Office specialist career path adds training in Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as a Microsoft certification test preparation, which is essential to finding and securing a job after graduation.

Those interested in a career in the medical service field also have various career path programs to choose from. Students can choose between the clinical medical assistant, vocational nursing, lab/assistant phlebotomy, or the technician/EKG technician programs. All of the various medical programs provide hands-on learning as well as classroom instruction, meaning that students receive training on the latest equipment used in the fields of vocational nursing, dental assisting, and clinical medical assisting. There is also the pharmacy technician program, which offers all of the training needed to understand how a job in a pharmacy functions and what skills are necessary, from the computer aspects to learning about the actual medicine.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Students interested in enrolling should first contact the school’s admissions department, which can offer additional information on the courses offered as well as what the various requirements are. Because each of the different programs has its own various requirements, it is especially important to find out what you need to provide for admissions based on what it is that you are interested in studying. All applicants should complete their admission form and include their GED or high school diploma. Certain programs might require additional placement testing, which can sometimes be waived if students have already completed either the ACT or SAT, as well as the SAT II.

Financial Aid

As a fully accredited vocational college, Blake Austin College is capable of offering its students various forms of financial aid. Accreditation is granted by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocation Education as well as the State of California Department of Health Services/Laboratory Field Services. Students are eligible for both federal and state aid. The first step in receiving aid towards one’s education is successful completion of the FAFSA, which might be a bit overwhelming to first-time college students. If you are in need of assistance for completing your FAFSA, the office of financial aid has counselors who are available for appointments. It is important to set up an appointment ahead of time, as peak enrollment times of the year often mean that there are numerous students who require services.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Students come from a variety of different backgrounds. Some are traditional first-time college students, while others are heading back to school because they are interested in embarking on a different career path. Students therefore are a variety of different ages, and since many are also working while attending school, there are both weekend and evening classes offered to offset the occasional stress of trying to balance a new academic career with an already-hectic work schedule. The campus is commuter-based, meaning that there is no on-campus housing. Students have access to a library as well as an academic resource center, and of course, there is assistance with job placement available to those who are about to enter the workforce after successful completion of their chosen course.

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