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As one of the busiest community colleges in San Bernardino County, Crafton Hills College (CHC) offers the chance to earn a number of different degrees and certificates. Those interested in pursuing their education further at four-year college can enroll in a program to earn an associate’s degree, while other students who are more interested in joining the workforce can prepare by taking the courses necessary to get started in a chosen field, eventually earning a certificate for the effort. More than simply focusing on getting students prepared for specific areas of work, CHC also prides itself on its superior programs in the liberal arts, which in turn provide a more well-rounded education and the chance to branch out from one’s given field of interest or career path.

The school has managed to attract a number of interesting forward thinkers over the years, who have passed from the school’s halls and obscurity into the noted art and culture worlds. For those who are interested in hands-on learning that prepares them for careers, The college works in conjunction with other area schools, including Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and the California State Fire Training Academy, who handles the courses involving forestry and conservation on-campus.

Information Summary

Ranks 268th in California and 2791st overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 53.7
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $3,061
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 27 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 74% / 52%
Enrollment Total (all students) 6,552


Student may choose from a myriad of different programs. For those who are planning on earning their four-year bachelor’s degrees, the most popular programs are Anthropology, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Political Science, and Business Administration. Students can also earn their associate degrees in Art, Fire Technology, Emergency Medical Services, Child Development and Education, Spanish, and Economics.

For the various Occupational Certificate Programs available through Crafton Hills College, there are a few different choices. Those interested in business can choose between the Marketing Management Certificate, the Retail Management Certificate, or the Accounting Certificate. Those who are planning a career in the EMT or EMS fields can earn certificates in Emergency Medical Technology, Mobile Intensive Care Nursing, and Emergency Department Technology. Taught by professionals who are actively working in their chosen fields, the Emergency Medical Services program provides some of the finest hands-on training in all of San Bernardino.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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Students can choose between a few different options when it comes to enrolling. For those who are still in high school but are looking towards the future already, there is a dual enrollment program to take accelerated courses. Students who are applying but who are citizens of another country are eligible to attend, but must be sure to have all of their paperwork, including visas, taken care of.

For conventional first-time college students, the admissions office requires an official high school diploma or GED along with SAT or ACT test scores. Those who happen to be transferring their credits from another college should also be sure that they include their official college transcript, in case any college credits can transfer.

Financial Aid

As a fully accredited academic institution, Crafton Hills College offers state and federal financial aid, as well as giving students the opportunity to finance their education through the work-study program. Students can download the FAFSA form from the school’s website, and are encouraged to complete and turn in the form immediately after deciding to accept their admission granting to the school. For those who are having a bit of difficulty handling financial materials for the college, the financial aid office can provide assistance from nine until six on Monday through Thursday, and on Fridays from nine until one. During summer months, the official of financial aid is closed on Fridays. The school also offers a variety of its own scholarships which are both need and merit-based.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Students come from a number of different backgrounds, and often it is not uncommon to find international students on campus. The school’s health and wellness center makes staying healthy while in the middle of school easy, while studying can definitely be a lot less of a hassle thanks to the learning center and the library, where it is possible to find a quiet place to work or to get a little bit of extra help on a research paper. Students can also take advantage of the on-campus child care center, as well as counseling services.

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Intercollegiate sports are popular for both men and women with basketball, baseball, and golf to choose from.

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