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Set on 175 acres in the foothills of San José, California, Evergreen Valley College is a student-centered school with initiatives in community engagement, and organizational transformation.

With a student body of around 8,000 students from over 70 countries, this diverse community college’s history stretches back to 1975 when the first class graduated, and further back to 1964 when official planning for the new college began. Today the campus features new and state-of-the-art facilities like classrooms for nursing education and biological sciences programs, a library, student life center, the Montgomery Hill Observatory, and the Visual and Performing Arts Center. In order to encourage students to succeed in a “global, multicultural” society, EVC makes room for flexible methodologies in its educational practices and philosophies.

Information Summary

Ranks 190th in California and 2307th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 59.2
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $3,212
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 30 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 75% / 48%
Enrollment Total (all students) 9,598


The college offers two-year degrees in its many areas of study, from the schools of business & workforce development, the language arts, library & learning resources, math science & engineering, nursing & allied health, and social science, humanities, arts & physical education.

Some exciting programs from across these schools include computer aided drafting & design, business administration, sign language, foreign language, campus technology support services, technology resource center, botany, astronomy, math, oceanography, health education, dance, ethnic studies, anthropology, journalism, and the theater arts. Students are also offered special academic programs when lacking the resources or time to attend weekday classroom courses, like the accelerated degree program for working adults, the AFFIRM Academic Force for Inspiration Retention & Matriculation Program, the ASPIRE Asian/Pacific Islander Resources for Excellence Program, the CalWORKS California Work Opportunities & Responsibility to Kids Program, the Distance Education telecourse and online program, the Enlace Program for Latino/a students, the Foster and Kinship Care Education Program, the academic Honors program, the Service Learning Program, and Win Workforce Initiative Network.

Students wishing to transfer to a four-year college receive assistance from the campus Transfer and Career Center. Located in the Student Center, students can make appointments to receive valuable career and academic counseling, guidance, information and resources. Students who meet certain requirements will be guaranteed admission to four-year colleges such as U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C. San Diego and Santa Clara University. Additionally, the Transfer and Career Center puts on workshops covering application processes, financial aid, scholarship writing, resume skills, and more.

Through the Cooperative Education Work Experience program, students are teamed up with local business, industry and community organizations and employers as well as educators to further student career preparation. Not only do students have the opportunity to earn credit through the CEWE program, but experience on-the-job visibility, gain opportunities, and build real-world career skills. Students from all majors are eligible to participate, and certain requirements must be met by both student and employer to qualify.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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Prospective students can apply online, or by printing and mailing in a paper application. Applicants may be required to undergo a basic skills assessment, including an EFL or English as a First Language, or an ESL English as a Second Language exam, and a mathematics exam which places students in courses from beginning math to calculus.

Some students may be able to earn credit by way of examinations, which is handled departmentally. Credit may also be granted for students showing minimum passing scores for either CEEB or CLEP examinations through advanced placement programs, for select non-collegiate courses, and for military service.

Students attending high school may apply, and must submit an application, and R40 signed by the principal and parent or legal guardian, take an assessment, and only then register for classes.

International students must submit an international F-1 student application, an EVC application, an application processing fee, TOEFL test results, an original bank verification, a letter of financial support, official transcripts from all previous colleges/universities, a passport sized photograph, and TB skin test results.

At the time of registration, students must furnish a statement of legal residence. There is a tuition fee for out-of-state residents, while in-state residents will only be responsible for paying enrollment fees. Visit the official website for specific qualifications and exemptions for legal residency in California.

Financial Aid

Students wishing to apply for Federal financial aid, must first file a financial aid application with the Financial Aid Office. Both Institutional and non-institutional scholarships are also available, and are awarded based on various criteria which reflect the agenda of the donor or founder of the award. Students will generally be required to complete one or all of the following steps: writing an essay, submitting recommendations and completing an application.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 4599th for the average student loan amount.
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The student body is governed by the Associated Students Government. Students may attend open meetings each week to address issues, develop policies, and organize and fund student activities and events. Students receive services from the campus tutoring program, the child development center, the academic counseling and guidance services, the disabled students program, the extended opportunity program and services, health services, the transfer/career/work experience center, and the FasTrack Student Support Services program for first-generation students.

The Office of Student Life is the hub of student activity. With leadership, social, cultural, and just plain fun activities and events going on constantly, all students are welcome to get involved. Student Activities serves much the same function in “fostering unique and expanded educational and cultural experiences” for students. Students can get involved through campus events like the ice cream social, the week of welcome, kicks it outside student information day, the AS club rush, and more.

Students congregate on campus in the Gullo Student Center, featuring the campus store, and the fresh & natural food court. Here students also find an ATM machine, game room, pool table room, student lounge, cyber lounge, vending machines and microwaves.

Student Enrollment Demographics


Evergreen Valley College operates by authority of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges and the Board of Trustees for the San Jose/Evergreen Community College District. The college is accredited as a two-year degree-granting institution by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Credit earned is transferable to other collegiate institutions, community colleges, the University of California, California State University, and many private universities.

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