Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California


This medical school was founded in 1885 and is part of a privately supported, nondenominational university. Its 31-acre campus is located in northeast LosAngeles, directly across from its major teaching hospital, which is one of the largest in the country. It is located 7 miles from the University Park campus and 3 miles from the Los Angeles Civic Center.


4-year modern. First year: Students are progressively involved in patient care beginning with the first semester ofthefirstyear.Anintroductiontoclinicalmedicinecourse begins in the freshman year and runs through the sophomore year. Doctor-patient relationships and interviewing are presented during the first year, and physical diagnosis and history-taking are discussed in the second. Groups of approximately 6 to 7 students are led by a faculty member who serves as a clinical tutor for their first 2 years. Basic sciences are taught largely in an organ system approach. Appropriatematerialinthebasicsciencesispresentedduring the study of these systems; patients are observed and examined for clinical illustration of the subject under discussion. Second year: The student studies the pathologic aspects of medicine, also predominantly in organ system approach. In addition, a student may begin an investigative project. Third year: Student participation is required in the clinical clerkships, such as internal medicine and general surgery. Elective study is provided in the third and fourth years. Fourth year: Consists almost entirely of work chosen by the student. In addition, students have an opportunity to engage in clinical or basic research through voluntary participation in a summer fellowship program between the freshman and sophomore years.

Unique Programs

Other degree programs: Several components of the school provide direct support to students, including the Student Health Service, the Offices of Curriculum, Minority Affairs, Student Affairs, and the Office for Women. Services include tutorial assistance, health and counseling services, extensive extracurricular academic and nonacademic programs, school and university student government, services for students with disabilities, sophisticated library and electronic resources, and various other services. Other degree programs: The school sponsors an MD-PhD and a Research Scholar program. Apply during the first or second year of medical school. An 8-year Baccalaureate-MD program is offered to high school seniors.


Minimum premedical science courses are required.A1semester course in molecular biology is also required as are 30 semester hours of social sciences, humanities, and English composition. Computer literacy, college mathematics, or calculus are strongly recommended. The student body comes from all parts of the United States, as well as from several foreign countries. Transfer and advanced standing: Only second-year students enrolled and in good standing at LCME-approved medical schools may be considered for admission for the third year. Such students must pass Step 1 of the USMLE.


Grading basis is Honors, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory. Teaching: Instruction is conducted on campus, in the Medical Center, and in affiliated hospitals, community clinics, and institutions. Through the elective program, instruction is also provided at medical schools and hospitals in other states and countries. The 30-acre campus is located across the street from its chief teaching hospital, the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center (2105 beds).A284-bedUSCHospitallocatedontheHealthSciencesCampusopenedin1991.Other:Additionalclinical facilities include Norris Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Doheny Eye Institute, Hospital of the Good Samaritan, Eisenhower Medical Center, and Barlow, California Huntington Memorial, and Presbyterian Inter-Community Hospitals. Library: The library can house 300,000 volumes and seat 250 readers. Housing: Information is not available.

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