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After learning the art of massage and setting up a few private practices, Carol Carpenter set up the National Holistic Institute in 1979 with the hope of helping people learn the art of massage in a much easier way than she experienced. Now, the National Holistic Institute is by far one of the largest massage therapy institutions in the United States, with five separate schools located throughout California, four centralized around the Northern Bay Area of San Francisco and one in Los Angeles. And even though Carpenter is no longer the head of the school, the institute continues to be one of the most respected massage therapy programs in the world.

The institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training and was one of the first accredited massage schools in the United States. Additionally, they are one of the only massage therapy institutions to be mentioned in the book, “The History of Massage.”

Unlike most holistic schools that focus solely on the practice of massage therapy, the National Holistic Institute incorporates all of the necessary eastern and western techniques as well as courses in business and marketing, to assist graduates in setting up and maintaining an independent practice. These additional incorporations go hand-in-hand with the school’s proclaimed mission statement, “Helping People Have Work They Love!”

The school offers a 720-hour, comprehensive program that covers all aspects of holistic medicine, including sports massage, aromatherapy, Shiatsu, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Course times and schedules vary depending on each school and campus. It is recommended to contact an admissions representative in order to set up the best program.

Also, each of the school’s five locations runs a full-time massage clinic where students can utilize real clients and customers to practice the skills that they learn in the classroom.

When it comes to graduating time, not only do participants receive official diplomas, but they also are provided with such alumni services as job placement support, which works closely with many spas and health clinics to make sure that recent graduates can find employment.

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Retention (full-time / part-time) 92% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 1,115


No set schedule, dates or prerequisites exist for application and acceptance into the National Holistic Institute.

For anyone interested in applying, the easiest option is to call 1-800-315-3552 and speak to an admissions representative who can provide all necessary information to help get an individual enrolled in classes.

Also, an online application can be filled out and submitted for further information. After submitting the online form, the institute will contact an applicant via phone or email to set up additional arrangements with one business day.

Financial Aid

As the first school focusing on massage therapy to offer financial aid in California, the National Holistic Institute offers a wide range of federal options for all applicants and current students. Actually, the school has a specific financial planning department and more than ¾ of the institution’s students received some sort of federal aid in 2009.

Some of the aid programs that the school qualifies for include the Federal Pell Grants, the Federal Stafford Loans, Federal Work Study and the Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students.

Primarily, the aid is awarded on a need basis, but the department works with every student in order to fit their individual needs.

Additionally, some work hours are reserved in the full time clinics for students needing to make a little extra money to pay off student loans and tuition costs. Work-study hours can be designated and arranged with the work-study clinic supervisor.

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Local Community

With each of the five locations offering a massage clinic, the local community definitely embraces the National Holistic Institute. Since students run the sessions, learning the fine art of deep-tissue, Swedish and Shiatsu massage, community members receive great massages at very affordable prices.

Plus, both the community and the school involves themselves in helping out the world, seen with the thousands of dollars that they raised to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake in January 2010. All the proceeds raised on specific days were donated to the victims.


With a wide range of faculty members with years, even decades of experience, the National Holistic Institute has the manpower necessary to train every interested pupil.

Each faculty member brings something unique to the table and a majority of them run their own private practices. Some have even been mentioned in specific publications for their work and innovations in specific fields, such as spa treatments, and some even possess ideal dream jobs, such as massage therapists for Google.

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