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Located in Ventura County and a member of the Ventura County Community College District lies Oxnard College. It is on California’s Central Coast and just a few miles away from beautiful beaches. Oxnard is a college that promotes high-quality education in its Associate of Arts and Associate of Sciences programs. Over sixty degree programs are offered in four divisions: Career and Technical Education; Liberal Studies; Math, Science, Health, and Physical Education; Student Services.

The college also offers certificates of achievement and completion in more than 30 study areas. All courses offered at Oxnard College are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which speaks of the quality of the courses offered.

Oxnard is a two-year college that promotes student transfers to four-year universities, both in the state of California and all of the United States. Since its foundation, Oxnard College has promoted innovation and excellence in all of its courses. The idea is not simply to educate students so that they can graduate, become professionals, and make money. Instead, the goal of the college is to make skillful, civilized men and women, leaders that will one day help change the world for the better.

Most Popular Fields of Study

Information Summary

Ranks 164th in California and 2089th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 62.2
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $3,179
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 24 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 73% / 43%
Enrollment Total (all students) 7,418


Oxnard College offers courses in the spring and in the fall; short summer programs are also offered for those who might be interested. Therefore, it is important that any applicant be sure of knowing when he/she plans to start studying. Deadlines for application end in July for the fall semester (given that classes begin in August) and they end in December for the spring semester (given that classes begin in January). If you are interested in taking summer programs, you must apply by May because these programs start around mid-June.

Oxnard College is open to any student who has graduated from high school or possesses a certificate of equivalency to a high school diploma. Any person over 18 years of age that can benefit from a college education is eligible for admission to Oxnard. The application process is simple and takes no more than 24 hours to be processed. All that needs to be done is filling out the application form and submitting it to the Admissions Office. No SAT or ACT scores are required, although it important that official high school or college transcripts be submitted when applying for enrollment. Current high school students interested in dual enrollment programs and international students interested in attending Oxnard College must follow a Special Admissions process. Detailed information regarding special deadlines or documentation that might be needed for a Special Application can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office directly.


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Financial Aid

In helping students cover their college expenses, Oxnard College welcomes all those who need financial aid to apply for it in a timely manner. Applications can be submitted all year round, but it is better to submit ahead of time in order to receive the best financial aid available. Oxnard College does not participate in any kind of student loan programs. It does, however, offer scholarships to eligible students based on merit, need, and above all, academic excellence. Other forms of financial aid are grants and work-study programs.

Grants and work-study aid are given on basis of merit and need, but higher priority is given to those who apply for aid first so be sure to go through the process as soon as you can. It is also important to point out that California state residents can apply to receive a fee waiver that can apply to parking fees as well; this is a privilege only available for residents of the state of California.

Student Financial Aid Details

Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in California.


Oxnard College is currently located on a 118-acre campus. Campus construction began in 1968 and on June 1, 1975 the campus officially opened for students. Since that time, the college has managed to grow rapidly, and as it has grown new facilities have been added. The campus has also undergone modernizations and renovations in order to keep up with the latest developments in technology, architecture, and educational practices.

Today, students benefit form Oxnard College’s Liberal Arts Building, a Library/Learning Resource Center, an Occupational Education Building, a Child Development Center, a Physical Education Complex, and a Language Arts/Math/Science Building, among others. All in all, it has to be said that the college’s campus is fully equipped with the best available resources so that students can learn in a high-quality environment.

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Oxnard Colleges knows how important sports are to students, and so it has established an Athletic department that offers different sporting teams for both men and women. Oxnard’s athletic teams go by the name “Condors”; the condor is the college’s mascot, and the motto for the teams is “Condors… Soaring to New Heights.”

Any student interested to try out for any of the teams that the college has should double check on what sports are offered so that he or she may choose the ones of his or her preference. Some of the sports offered at Oxnard are the following: cross country; soccer; basketball; softball; volleyball.

Additional School Information

Oxnard College wishes to provide students with opportunities in all kinds of activities and clubs that might catch their interests. Due to this, the college sponsors a wide variety of student clubs and organizations, including the following: Chess Club; Poetry Club; Spirit Club; Theater Arts Club; Chemistry Club. The idea is that students engage in activities that they enjoy, but that at the same time will contribute in making them more skillful and better prepared to face college life and adult life once they graduate and start working.


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