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Located in Southeast Los Angeles County, California, Rio Hondo College has been catering to the educational needs of it’s community for over fifty years. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the college offers associate’s degrees, college transfer degees, vocational certificates, community service classes and offers contract training for employer workforce. Many students choose to begin their educations at Rio Hondo and then transfer to a four-year university to obtain a bachelor’s because of the low cost and convenience of staying close to home.

The faculty at Rio Hondo is dedicated to enriching the lives of all students and providing the opportunity for their community to grow via education by recognizing the potential and worth of every single human being. They strive to provide an environment rich in opportunities for personal growth and advancement by offering a wide variety of classes and individual teaching methods to suit every student. To further promote the advancement and enrichment of every single person in it’s community, RHC has an open enrollment policy and uses a student-centered process during enrollment and throughout the student’s academic career.


Information Summary

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Overall Score (about) Insufficient Data
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $3,124
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 23 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) N/A / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 19,997


Rio Hondo College is a community college that offers degrees in more than forty subjects and certificates in nearly thirty areas of expertise. Home to the largest college-based police training program in the state, RHC trains police officers for nearly forty jurisdictions. Fire Technology, Nursing, Emergency Medical Technician, Automotive Technician Training and Welding are among other programs of study offered at RHC that are top programs in the region. On top of standard degrees, RHC is also the home of the Rio Hondo Fire Academy and the Rio Hondo Police Academy. Rio Hondo also offers Weekend College, online classes and hybrid online/classroom classes in order to extend the opportunity for educational advancement to an even wider range of people in the community.

Associate’s Programs

Rio Hondo offers three different associate’s programs. Students may earn an associate of arts, and associate of science or a University Transfer Degree. These programs are excellent as stand-alone education or can serve as a place to start when wanting to obtain a bachelor’s. The advantage to obtaining an associate’s degree is that often it gives a person the opportunity to earn a better living while pursuing an advanced degree later. Some of the degrees that may be be obtained at RHC include Nursing, Administration of Justice, Accounting and Child Development. Enrollment for any associate’s degree requires a high school diploma or GED.

An Honor’s Program is offered to students that excel in their areas of study. Honor’s classes are kept small in order to encourage a discussion/seminar format rather than one of lecture. Honors status is indicated on the student’s transcript and enables the student to receive priority status when transferring to select college and universities.

Certificates and Continuing Education Credits

Students may receive vocational training in nearly thirty professions and are grouped into three categories. Certificates of Achievement, Certificates of Skill Proficiency and Career Certificates are the certificates offered by RHC. Depending on whether the student is seeking to brush up on skills for a current job, add new skills in order to advance in a current career, or learn a new career altogether are factors in determining which certificate to pursue. Some professions require continuing education in order to remain certified to practice with a state license and these classes are also available. Academic advisors are always ready to assist prospective students with choosing which program is right for them.

General Education Courses

Rio Hondo recognizes and addresses the needs of a diverse community by offering General Education courses. These are classes that improve basic education skills such as math, reading and language abilities in order for a student to continue with their studies, or just be a more capable, educated adult. A large percentage of the local community speaks English as a second language, or may not speak English at all. This is a barrier that many people encounter when wanting to advance in their chosen careers or participate in community activies, so RHC offers the opportunity to learn in a positive, encouraging environment.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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Rio Hondo College has a five-step process to becoming a student. The first step required is to submit the application. This must be done online via their website. Next, all non-exempt students will be required to undergo assessment in order to evaluate basic skills such as reading, writing and math. Placement status will be determined by these assessments in order to provide students with the tools that they will need to succeed as a student at RHC. The third step in the application process is orientation. This is a class that can be completed online and familiarizes the student with the registration process, course requirements, school rules and policies and college services. The fourth step is to register for classes. After students have completed the first three steps of the admissions process, they may log onto the school website and access RIOWEB under the admissions and records link provided. Finally, students must make an appointment for counseling and advisement in order to chart an educational course that will meets the needs of the student and lead to the acquisition of the degree or certificate desired.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants for degrees and some certificates must either have a high school diploma or GED or be registering as an enrichment student. Students seeking enrollment as an enrichment student need to have permission from a high school principal and a parent or guardian prior to being admitted to RHC. Students younger than ninth grade may be accepted into the Enrichment Program with the standard requirements plus proof of an IQ over one hundred thirty and proof of gifted status. These younger students may only enroll in college credit courses. For programs of study requiring a high school diploma or GED, transcripts must be submitted to the school before an admissions decision can be made.

Students seeking admission to some certificate programs, non-credit classes or general education courses may not be required to have a diploma or GED. In order to determine educational requirements of the certificate being sought, prospective students should contact the school admissions office for more information.

Also, it is important to note that students who are residents of the state of California will need to submit proof of residence in order to receive in-state tuition rates. Non residents are welcome to apply to the school but will have to pay non-resident tuition rates.

Financial Aid

As a state school, Rio Hondo College offers financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants and federally subsidized loans. These programs are designed to assist students with tuition, books, fees and cost of living while obtaining an education. Most financial aid programs require that students be enrolled at least half time and be either United States citizens, permanent residents or eligible non-citizens. In order to be eligible for financial aid, each student must first complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). This application may be completed online and should be submitted as soon as possible. Financial information pertaining to both the student and parents is required so be sure to have this information available prior to starting the application.

Because of the diversity of it’s student body, RHC has access to numerous grants and scholarships both on-campus and off for both need-based and merit-based students. In order to qualify for most of them, it is imperative that the FAFSA be completed in a timely manner.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Students at Rio Hondo have an opportunity to participate in many sports. There are both men’s and women’s basketball, swimming, water polo, cross country, soccer and track and field teams. RHC also offers men’s baseball, golf, soccer and wrestling and women’s softball, tennis and volleyball. The RHC Roadrunners’ colors are black and gold and as members of the Foothill Athletic Conference, the school remains consistently competitive in championship drives.

Additional School Information

There are several distinct advantages to being a student at Rio Hondo College. Students are eligible for free bus passes with the local buslines. This benefit, known as GO RIO started during the 2006-2007 school year and assists students who would otherwise have no transportation get back and forth to school. There are numerous clubs and college-sponsored activities available on campus that students may take advantage of in order to participate in college life. RHC also proudly features a performing arts hall, an art gallery and The Campus Inn, a great place to go for a sandwich, a salad or just a snack.

The college also has a Child Development Center where students, faculty and the community may take their children. The Center serves as a learning lab for students training to be teachers and develops activities around developmentally appropriate goals. The Center offers services to children three and under and fees are determined by the State Department of Education and financial assistance is available for those who need it.


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