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Touro University - California College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Touro University – California is located in the northeast part of San Francisco Bay on Mare Island and includes the College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Health Sciences, College of Pharmacy, and the College of Education. The focus of the College of Osteopathic Medicine is on preparing competent osteopathic physicians through classroom and clinical teaching, service to the community, and research. Emphasis is placed on the primary care disciplines, while not ignoring the need for highly qualified physicians in other specialties, including surgery, ER, obstetrics/gynecology, psychiatry, sports medicine, orthopedics, radiology, cardiology, and others. All of this is accomplished within the framework of an institution that is committed to providing a quality education in the best traditions of the Jewish heritage.


TUCOM students take courses in all of the subject areas one would expect any physician to master, including anatomy, pathology, microbiology, histology, osteopathic principles and practices, pharmacology, immunology, clinical skills, doctor-patient communications, and systems courses that focus on each major system of the body. The goal is to prepare students for the realities of medicine as it exists, as well as how it is likely to be in the future. Practice in problem solving is part of the daily classroom clinic experience as the school strives to provide an educational program consistent with emerging directions of healthcare. Housing Limited on-campus housing is available and off-campus housing assistance is provided.


4-year. All candidates for admission to the College of Osteopathic Medicine are required to submit a primary application through the AACOMAS. Qualified candidates will be invited to submit a supplemental application and various letters of recommendation. Touro University operates on a rolling admissions basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply early to enhance their admission potential.

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Vallejo, CA 94592

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