Keiser University and Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie


For those students who require immediate preparation to leap into the workforce immediately after completing school, Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie is an excellent choice. With numerous programs devoted to providing the knowledge one needs to get started in a particular industry of choice as well as a strong interdisciplinary background, this is a school that offers the assistance needed to begin a career successfully, even in a time of economic uncertainty. With opportunities for job placement immediately following school, Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie is a particularly good choice for anyone who is seeking not just an education, but preparation for the workforce.

Unlike other colleges that provide career training in an environment where having access to one’s professors feels impossible due to large classes, here there is a student-to-teacher ratio that truly fosters learning and a feeling of connection and belonging in classes. Students can choose between attending night, day, weekend, or online classes, depending on one’s schedule. Many students opt for a combination of them all. It is also possible to fast-track one’s earning of a degree, if need be.

Students can choose between certificate programs, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. The school also offers graduate degrees in Educational Leadership, MBAs in International Business and Marketing, a Master of Science in Education, and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice. The most popular bachelor degrees include those in Business Administration (with the option to complete the degree in English or in Spanish), Legal Studies, Public Safety, and Homeland Security. The most popular associate degrees are those in Culinary Arts, Computer Programming, Paralegal Studies, and Golf Management. The Aquatic Engineering department is also particularly strong, teaching students with the most up-to-date equipment and conforming to all industry standards.



Students interested in attending Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie for undergraduate purposes must all submit a verification of high school graduation in the form of a GED or high school diploma, a high school transcript, and their ACT or SAT test scores. If the ACT or SAT was not taken, students must take part in an entrance exam, located on-campus. Students who are applying for the graduate program must present their official transcript from college or university, two letters of recommendation, their GRE score, and a formal resume showcasing both their education and their work experience.

Financial Aid

As an accredited learning institution, Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie is eligible to receive federal financial aid. For students who require some assistance with paying for college, the most important thing to do is to fill out the FAFSA as soon as possible once hearing back from Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie that you have been accepted. If applying for the FAFSA sounds like a daunting task to take on alone, it is possible to make an appointment with one of the numerous well-informed and friendly counselors who work in the Financial Aid Office. Simply drop by while on campus or arrange an appointment by telephone, and it will be possible to get all of the help you need. Counselors sometimes also know of community need-based scholarships, which might be worth applying for.


With so many different education opportunities on campus, it is no wonder that the students attending Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie can be so unique and different. Many students are going back to school for a second time, taking advantage of the numerous night, weekend, and online courses that the school has to offer. Others are just interested in receiving instruction in learning English, as the college is well-known for its English for Speakers of Other Languages program. Likewise, there are just as many first-time freshmen, who have never attended college before in any form. Graduate students come from out of state and in-state, too. Because there is no on-campus housing at Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie, students commute from housing of their own choosing, usually campuses or houses a reasonable distance from the school itself.

Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie is conveniently located on U.S. 1, meaning that residents of Stuart and Fort Pierce are within a reasonable commuting distance for attending classes. On-campus, students can take advantage of the auditorium, a library with computers for student use, the computer lab, and a lounge area for socializing and studying alike.


With such a focus on completing one’s degree, there is not enough time for students attending Keiser Career College: Port St. Lucie to focus on organized sports on-campus. However, many students do sign up for community sports teams in the city, so talk to fellow classmates about those opportunities if interested in some athletic activity.

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