Keiser University West Palm Beach


A truly ideal education is one where a well-rounded background in general academics is accompanied by some sort of tangible skill that can immediately be applied to the workforce. After all, investing in college is a major decision, and one needs to know that there is going to be some sort of hope, post-graduation, to immediately enter the workforce as a more qualified candidate—and better educated person.

For those residents of South Florida who have been looking towards a new path of education or a first-time college experience, Keiser University is the ideal jumping off point. With a staggeringly diverse student body and a number of career-based paths to pursue, Keiser University West Palm Beach is the perfect balance of practical skills for one’s chosen field and an interdisciplinary education.

A two-year college, Keiser University West Palm Beach provides the opportunity for students to earn both certificates and associate’s degrees. With a small student body, it is easy to get to know classmates and to get the close student-teacher relationship that truly fosters learning in all environments. Popular programs of study include the associate degree in Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage, the associate degree in Medical and Clinical Assistant, the associate degree in Computer and Information Sciences, and the associate degree in Surgical Technology. Certificate programs are extremely diverse and offer hands-on and professional learning experience in Nurse Training, EMT Paramedic Work, and Pharmacy Technician learning. Students can choose between certificate programs that last for two years, or a quicker version that takes only a year to complete.

Keiser University West Palm Beach provides an education to many residents from South Florida. Students commute from all over South Florida to earn their associate’s degrees due to the college’s affordable cost and professional training.

Because Keiser University West Palm Beach understands the importance of an education to nontraditional students and those who are working while earning a degree, there are a number of different options for enrolling in classes. In addition to the traditional schedule of attending classes during business hours, Monday through Friday, students at Keiser University West Palm Beach can also choose between a growing number of online courses, as well as night and weekend classes, too.


Students interested in attending Keiser University West Palm Beach must submit their GED or high school diploma, along with an official high school transcript. For students who earned their high school diploma in another country, it is important to provide a copy translated into English. For those students who are transferring from another college or university, it is important to also include a copy of your official college transcript, especially if you want class credits to transfer, too. All students applying to Keiser University West Palm Beach must submit a nonrefundable application fee, as well as their test scores from either the ACT or SAT. For students who did not take the SAT or ACT, it is crucial that you arrange a time to take an entrance exam, administered on-campus at various times during the year. Students who are applying are also encouraged to talk to an Admissions Counselor if there are any questions during the application process.

Financial Aid

Many students attending Keiser University West Palm Beach require some assistance with the cost of college,and due to the federal recognition and accreditation, Keiser University West Palm Beach can provide students with federal financial aid. For those who are finding the application process difficult or confusing, appointments may be scheduled with a counselor in the Financial Aid Office. Students may download the FAFSA form from the school’s website and complete it at home or with assistance in the office. It is also recommended that students who require extra financial assistance in order to attend Keiser University West Palm Beach look into federal student loans, as well as at the numerous need-based and merit-based scholarships offered by institutions in the community.


Students at Keiser University West Palm Beach can look forward to a diverse and compact campus where it is just as easy to get some studying completed in the library as it is to purchase books for courses at the on-campus bookstore. With up-to-date facilities, students can enjoy the fact that the training they are receiving in classes are on the industry standards, meaning a much simpler transition to the workforce. With a large number of students attending college for the first time, Keiser University West Palm Beach sometimes feels very much like a traditional college. However, there are just as many lifelong learners or people who have decided to go back to school in order to receive training to start a new career. This makes Keiser University West Palm Beach one of the more diverse educational institutions in South Florida.


Students attending Keiser University are usually focused on completing their degree as quickly as possible, and accordingly, there are no official on-campus athletics. However, students at the West Palm Beach campus often choose to take advantage of the mild Florida climate and sign up for community sports leagues.

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