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For hands-on, specialized learning in a small community, nothing beats starting one’s nursing career at the Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing. Located in Miami and in affiliation with the well-known Mercy Hospital, this is an excellent school for anyone who wants to learn the entire picture of nursing, from getting along with patients to learning all of the technical nooks and crannies of everything from taking blood to running routine tests.

Established in 1982, The Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing as been the jumping-off point for a number of clinical specialist, nurse practitioners, and various other healthcare leaders in the greater Miami area, and many of the surrounding medical facilities enjoy a fabulous relationship with those attending the school. More selective than other programs, there is often a wait for those interested in attending, meaning that if you are planning on starting courses here, you should complete the application and get on the list as soon as possible.

With over 800 graduates currently working in the medical field and a very good reputation in and out of the state of Florida, the school is a perfect fit for those who are serious about getting into nursing and getting the best training possible. One of the focuses of the training at Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing is that nursing should be about the entire patient, not just their medical condition, and that at the root of everything, there should be compassion. This sets the school apart from many other nursing schools, and is one of the reasons it remains so popular to this day.

A course of study at Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing includes orientation, a course in the fundamentals of nursing, courses in anatomy and psychology and pharmacology, medical surgery nursing classes that are both classroom-oriented and clinical, maternal nursing and pediatric nursing courses, and microbiology. Due to the nontraditional nature of the classes in general, students should expect to attend either the daytime program or the evening program, each of which consists of three semesters that take either 12 or 14 months.

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Students interested in attending the Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing must first take the pre-entrance exam, which costs a nonrefundable fee of $55.00. Students are recommended to study the National League for Nursing Review Guide before taking the exam, which can be retaken only once.

Once students pass the pre-entrance exam, they are ready to apply to attend. The application consists of filling out an application form, submitting three letters of reference from people who have known you for at least two years, and submitting your official high school transcript or proof of GED. After this, interviews are conducted, at which point the interviewer will ask to see your active healthcare provider CPR card. You should have a completed physical and specific laboratory tests if you wish to begin working, too.

Financial Aid

Students in need of financial aid will find that the Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing is more than accommodating, with school-sponsored scholarship funds, Federal Pell Grants, and other forms of financial aid. Students should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after acceptance so that they can begin their search for financial aid.

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With less than 100 students enrolled at a given time, those attending the Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing that they will be given ample attention in classroom environments, traditional and nontraditional, and that the amount of student-teacher interaction involved will lead to them picking up the rules of the trade far quicker than in other nursing programs. Certified professionals handle all of the courses at Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing, meaning that students can rest assured that their new knowledge will have them ready to enter the workforce immediately.

Since the two-year school often has accelerated learning programs and students from all different backgrounds and age groups, there is no on-campus housing. All students commute, and enjoy the educational on-campus experience. There is not as much of an emphasis towards organizations and clubs, since school is mostly based on career-oriented training and getting ready for immediately starting out in the workforce.

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Because the focus of the Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing is to provide its students with the best professional training that ensures that attendees will have successful nursing careers, there is not as much as an emphasis on-campus for things like sports teams and clubs. Therefore, if there are athletics, they are student-run and unofficial, like pickup games of basketball or the occasional game of ultimate frisbee. The Mercy Hospital School of Practical Nursing has no official mascot or team colors.

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