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The Florida College System is an extensive collection of Florida community colleges and universities. One of these colleges, the Tallahassee Community College, was commissioned by the government of Florida in the 1960s to provide a cost-effective post-secondary school option for the large number of Florida graduating high school seniors.

Because the Tallahassee Community College is an affiliate of the Florida College System, students are able to pursue degrees at other Florida institutions while taking courses at Tallahassee Community College. Students who achieve an associate’s degree at Tallahassee Community College may also transfer their credits easily to a four-year post-secondary institution that is affiliated with the Florida College System. This allows graduates of Tallahassee Community College to easily go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree.

Information Summary

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Overall Score (about) Insufficient Data
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $2,826
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 32 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) N/A / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 11,914


Tallahassee Community College offers courses that can be taken to achieve an associate’s degree, achieve a career certificate, or simply add to or supplement an existing education. The school also offers degree completion courses and adult courses offered at night or on the weekends.

The school offers Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science degree programs for all of its students. Many students opt to complete transfer associate’s degrees. These degree programs are specifically designed so that the student can transfer his or her credit hours to a four-year institution immediately after graduating from Tallahassee Community College.

For students who do not wish to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution, other associate’s degree programs are offered. Students who seek an Associate in Science degree can choose from subjects such as Health Care, Education, Criminal Justice, Business Management, or Engineering. Often, students who choose this academic pathway have specific careers in mind that only require an associate’s degree in their specific field.

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Unique Programs

Tallahassee Community College also offers career certification programs for students who cannot afford to attend school full-time or for a lengthy duration. Career certification programs can often be completed in only one year. These programs provide students with specific knowledge and industry understanding that will provide them with the necessary skills to pursue a career immediately after leaving Tallahassee Community College

Degree completion coursework is also offered for adult students who would like to finish their college degree by returning to school. In these programs, an academic advisor will carefully evaluate a student’s college transcripts and help the student choose the minimum number of courses necessary to provide the required credits for graduation. These courses are often offered on a night or weekend schedule to accommodate adults who must work full-time.


Admission to Tallahassee Community College is most easily completed by filling out the online application that is available on the college’s official website. This application guides the student through the admissions process and prompts them to provide the necessary materials for admission. A student is required to submit official high school transcripts if he or she has graduated from high school. If the prospective student is over eighteen years of age and has not graduated from high school, he or she may be required to take the GED before being accepted to Tallahassee Community College.

While a personal essay or letters of recommendation are not required for acceptance at Tallahassee Community College, they are greatly encouraged. A personal essay allows the admissions board to understand a student’s purpose in choosing the school and also helps an academic advisor understand a student’s goals regarding post-secondary education and career intentions.

Financial Aid

The state of Florida is determined to see that all students who desire to attend a post-secondary institution are provided with the financial assistance necessary to make that dream become a reality. The Tallahassee Community College is no exception. Students who require assistance financially can find it at the Financial Aid Office on campus.

Students seeking financial aid from the United States government are required to fill out the FAFSA. This form allows the government to estimate the cost of post-secondary education and evaluate a student’s expected family contribution. Using these estimates, the government will then inform a student about the options available for financial aid.

Students who do not receive enough government assistance can contact the Financial Aid office on campus. Helpful staff will assist a student in applying for personal loans and scholarships that are available for residents of the state of Florida and out-of-state residents. Students can also receive helpful information at Tallahassee Community College about loan repayment and financial responsibility.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Students at Tallahassee Community College can take their physical health into their own hands by becoming involved in varsity sports, intramural sports, or club-related sports activities. Intramural sports are available for all students throughout the academic school year. Students can play on coed teams or gender-specific teams and compete for school pride and admiration.

The varsity teams at Tallahassee Community College are known as the Eagles. Men and women can compete in sports such as basketball, baseball, track and field, volleyball, and even cheerleading. The coaches and trainers at Tallahassee Community College take a student’s academic performance into consideration, and with the help of the Student-Athlete Success Program, a varsity athlete’s academic performance will never suffer because of sports involvement.

Local Community

The student body at Tallahassee Community College is dedicated to giving back to the surrounding community by participating in several volunteer programs. The American Red Cross visits the campus several times a year to sponsor blood drives. Students at Tallahassee Community College also participate in mentorship programs. These students travel to local Florida elementary schools and high schools and offering tutoring and positive role modeling for deprived students.

The city of Tallahassee is one of the largest cities in the state of Florida and is the capital city of the state. Here, students can find a wealth of recreational and educational opportunities. Museums and art galleries are available for students, and most of these venues offer discounted rates for college students. Many instructors at Tallahassee Community College organize class field trips to the city of Tallahassee for instructional exploration. The city also provides, concert venues, sports arenas, shopping centers, movie theaters, and dining establishments.


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