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The Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is considered the premier school in the U.S. for mechanical training. Founded in 1965 in Phoenix, Arizona, the school has branded itself under many different names and spread across the country in a campus-based school system.

UTI operates under the brands Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI) and NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI). It is recognized as the mechanics industry’s top choice for technician training.

One of the core components of UTI’s education is the often-exclusive partnerships it holds with product manufacturers worldwide. Companies like Honda, BMW, Ford, Harley-Davidson, NASCAR, and Mercedes-Benz provide state-of-the-art vehicles and technologies to the students at UTI for practice and training. Often, students go on to work for one of the partnership companies after graduation.

UTI has locations in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and more. The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute has locations in Florida and Arizona, and the NASCAR Technical Institute and Marine Mechanics Institute are located in North Carolina and Florida, respectively.

Today, UTI is dedicated to providing the nation’s premier training for highly skilled car, motorcycle, boat, and heavy machinery technicians. It ensures that its students are competitive in the workplace by providing state-of-the-art laboratories and the latest technology through its corporate partnerships.

Information Summary

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UTI offers five disciplines of technician training. Students in every discipline have access to extensive hands-on training in addition to classroom academic theory. Class sizes are small, and courses are taught by experienced instructors who have proven skills in the workplace. Each student receives a set of Snap-on Tools, valued at $1,000, as a graduation gift.

Auto Technician

The Auto Technician track is a comprehensive 51-week program that prepares students for full service, repair, and troubleshooting of modern cars. Students learn to work with domestic and foreign brands and understand the mechanics of engines, performance, power, and advanced technology.

Diesel Technician

The Diesel technician track is 45 weeks long and emphasizes the inner workings of powerful diesel machinery and vehicles. Students study hydraulics, transport refrigeration, air brakes, and preventive maintenance. They also learn about the computer systems that run all of the different parts and tie the system together. Students can further expand their career opportunities by combining the Diesel and Industrial program with Core Automotive Training or earning NATEF/ASE certification in some programs.

Motorcycle Technician

The Motorcycle Technician track is 48 weeks and is broken into two stages. Students take a core motorcycle training course in addition to an elective of their choice. In the core curriculum, topics include servicing, repairing, and troubleshooting bikes from both foreign and domestic makers. After finishing stage one, students choose from the many manufacturer electives for more specialized training in a particular brand. Students can often receive manufacturer certifications through these electives that help them secure jobs upon graduation.

Marine Technician

The Marine Technician track trains students in the servicing and repair of marine vehicle engines. The core program takes 51 weeks to complete. Students learn about marine engine fundamentals and then study hull design, electrical systems, fuel systems, trim, and tilt.

Collision Technician

The Collision Technician track is 51 weeks and trains students in the industry requirements for CRRT programs. Students study each of the areas of auto body repair, including frame alignment, welding, mechanical repair, electrical repair, and custom refinishing. Upon graduation, students receive certifications from the Inter-industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair and DuPont Refinisher certification programs.

Most Popular Fields of Study

Unique Programs

UTI offers two internship programs that give students real-workplace experience in their chosen fields. Internships demonstrate student potential, look good on resumes, and often lead to job offers.

The Jordan Suzuki Internship Program gives students a chance to work with a Suzuki team for a weekend. Students put their skills to the test in the fast-paced world of a race weekend.

The MMI Supercross Internship Program is sponsored by The Dirt Lab. As in the Suzuki Internship, Supercross Interns get to experience being a race-day technician through working with an assigned rider and understanding their technical needs.


UTI classes begin every three weeks, so you can begin your education at any time. To begin the admissions process, simply call an advisor – they are available 24/7 to answer all of your questions. Any student is eligible for acceptance.

Financial Aid

Students seeking financial aid should begin their search by completing the FAFSA, which is a free form available at www.fafsa.gov. The FAFSA determines eligibility for federal aid money, including grants, loans, and work-study programs. It is also a required supplementary form for many other third-party scholarships and funding sources.

UTI also offers more than $11 million each year to its students in scholarships and other forms of aid. Funding opportunities include tuition reduction programs, need-based aid, government aid, and third-party scholarships. Students can also receive scholarships from UTI’s partner corporations, or from UTI itself. UTI Foundation Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and skill, and the award amount can range between $1,000 and $12,000.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Students at UTI are part of a supportive, technically oriented environment. It’s easy to meet people and form strong bonds through the many hands-on projects and active learning experiences.

In addition to building friendships and professional relationships, students enjoy a number of supportive services provided by UTI. Program advising is available to any student at any time. Housing support services are provided at each of the campuses to help students find safe, affordable housing near the training facility. Students can also receive personal advising or download each location’s housing brochure for more information and helpful local housing locators.

Housing Services

The Career Services Office at UTI is dedicated to helping you find a job in your preferred industry. Four out of five graduates are successfully placed in careers in their UTI field of study.

Career assistance includes job fairs, interview days, internship programs, and active job matching. Any student can make a career advising appointment to find out ways to leverage his or her technical education to secure a job.

Graduates of UTI are guaranteed job placement assistance for life.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Additional School Information

UTI’s Career Transition training program helps military veterans transition to civilian and college life. Every campus and institute offers veteran’s assistance in the form of advice, counseling, financial services, and support. Veterans can also receive help relocating, finding part-time employment and jobs for their families, and securing housing. In addition, UTI offers a 10 percent tuition discount as a thank you to veterans’ service.

Veterans often find that the skills they learned in the military translate directly to a sustainable career as a skilled technician.


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