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Emory University School of Medicine

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Emory University School of Medicine is a privately controlled university affiliated with the Methodist Church. This school was established in 1915. The forerunner of this school was the Atlanta Medical College, which was established in 1856.This school was merged with Southern Medical College to form the Atlantic College of Physicians and Surgeons, and a subsequent merger took place with the Atlanta School of Medicine in 1905. In 1915 the name was changed to Emory University School of Medicine. It is located on 620 acres in the Druid Hills section of Atlanta.


This is a 4-year semi-traditional school. First and second year students utilize a continuum course in medical problem solving to assist students in their approach to patients and their problems. Along with traditional lectures and laboratories, this school uses problem-based learning format that allows students to integrate and apply basic science and psychosocial knowledge in solving clinical problems. The first year consists of an Interdepartmental course in cellular biology and biochemistry and in neurobiology; physiology, human anatomy, and genetics; introduction to the doctor-patient relationship, patient interviewing, and biostatistics. The second year has the students taking advanced basic sciences and courses in behavioral science and clinical methods. During the third year, students will complete a 12 week clerkship in internal medicine, 12 week interdisciplinary ethics clerkship, 8-week clerkship in other major clinical specialties, and a family medicine clerkship of 4 weeks duration. The fourth year wraps up with a 4-week clerkships in medicine, neurology, and 6 weeks on a surgical selection, 2 weeks in dermatology and radiology, and 16 weeks of elective work in any area.

Required courses, aside from the basic premedical sciences, include 6 semester hours of English and 18 semester hours of humanities and/or social and behavioral sciences. Biochemistry is highly recommended.

Grades of A through F are used in required courses and grades of Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory are used in electives. At the end of the year, the promotion committees for each class review the records of all students to determine whether they should be unconditionally promoted to the next year’s program, whether they need remedial work, whether they must repeat work deemed unsatisfactory, or whether they are to be asked to withdraw. For promotion to the third year, a passing total score must be recorded in Step 1 of the USMLE; Step 2 must be passed prior to graduation.

Unique Programs

MD-PhD programs are offered in a variety of disciplines. A MD-MPH program is also available. There is a continuing education program for graduates who wish to seek further education and training.


Applications from well-qualified students are seriously considered regardless of geographic origin. Foreign students on visas must document ability to fund their medical education. Transfer and advanced standing students who are properly qualified from LCME-accredited school will be considered for the third-year class only.


Emory University School of Medicine has the Health Sciences Library that offers more than 220,000 volumes and 3000 periodicals. Other clinical libraries are located in Emory University, Crawford Long, and Grady hospitals. Students have the opportunity to live on campus. Housing is made available near campus and it is affordable and easily accessible.

Bike Emory is a program that was developed to help promote bike riding on campus. It encourages students to bike to class, bike for fitness and also for fun. Biking is made easy by the options the school offers. Bikes are available at discounted prices as well as to rent. Bike racks are also available both indoors and outdoors for students who bike on campus.

While promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for its students, this school offers two state of the art athletic facilities for students to use. They are called George W. Woodruff Physical Education Center and Student Activity and Academic Center. These facilities include indoor and outdoor pools, courts for a variety of different sports, cardio and fitness areas as well as rock climbing walls.

Athletic team and intramural teams are available for participation as well.

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