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In historic Boston, Massachusetts, a gem of an educational institution has existed since the early 1900s. Emmanuel College (EC) began as a Catholic college for women. While the school remained relatively unchanged for several decades, in the year 2000 the college formed an agreement with a major pharmaceutical corporation that began leasing a portion of the college’s facilities. With the income earned from this agreement, this school, the oldest women’s college in New England, began accepting male students.

EC is the only institute of higher learning in the United States with a fully-functioning pharmaceutical research laboratory on its campus. Because of this innovation, the academic structure has expanded from a school devoted to the liberal arts to a school that offers over forty degree opportunities in the arts and sciences. Students who attend can choose to receive either a minor or major in English, History, Biology, Chemistry, Education, Psychology, and much more.

Students are encouraged to customize their educational experience themselves by sampling from the wide variety of courses offered to create their own course of study. Helpful academic advisors and seasoned professionals are available to assist a student in determining which courses he or she should focus on. This unique style of secondary education helps students to avoid taking courses which are unnecessary or uninteresting to them. Students can receive a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Science degree, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Each of these degrees requires a standard minimum of 128 credit hours for completion.

Most Popular Fields of Study

Information Summary

Ranks 40th in Massachusetts and 864th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 82.1
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $58,153
Admission Success rate N/A
ACT / SAT 75%ile scores 27 / 1280
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 21 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 78% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 2,209


The process of admission is unique in that this institution does not have a formal GPA or standardized test level that prospective students must achieve to qualify for admission. Each student application is evaluated individually, and all factors of a student’s academic and social history are considered. For a student with low test scores or a low high school grade point average, admissions counselors are happy to discuss with the student why this school would or wouldn’t be a good fit.

While the average SAT score for the Emmanuel College is consistently around 1060, students with higher and lower SAT scores have been admitted. Because this is a smaller institute of learning, the student to faculty ratio is only fifteen to one. The admission process, therefore, is very personal, and every prospective student’s weaknesses are measured against his or her strengths.

This college gladly accepts students who have taken high school honors courses or completed Advanced Placement courses and exams. These courses are weighted more heavily than traditional high school classes. However, this college also accepts students who have taken the GED in lieu of high school graduation. The student body is highly varied, and students with many different academic backgrounds can find admittance here.


First year students at EC are required to live on campus. This requirement provides this school with a unique college lifestyle. Students will form lasting relationships in their first year and often travel together to take in the breathtaking historical and aesthetic sights of Boston and the surrounding New England area. Dormitories are coed by floor or by wing, and students will always have a study partner or a movie buddy close at hand.

The student body participates in scores of student-led and campus-promoted clubs and leagues. These leagues are athletic, academic, or social in nature. Knowledge bowl teams and academic study groups such as the Biology Club, Chemistry Club or Education Club attract large numbers of Emmanuel students. Social clubs and hobbyist groups such as S.C.A.F.F.U. (Science Fiction, Comic, Anime, Fantasy Fans Unite) are also prominent on campus. It is easy for students to get involved with other individuals who share their similar interests.

Student Enrollment Demographics

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The athletics program is affiliated with Division III of the NCAA. It is also affiliated with the Eastern College Athletic Conference and the Great Northeast Athletic Conference. With rivalries that stretch from New Hampshire up to Maine and back to Connecticut, the athletic opportunities are exciting and numerous.

The EC Saints men can compete in Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Volleyball, Golf, Lacrosse and Soccer. The lady Saints compete in Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse and Softball. For talented athletes, athletic scholarships may be offered to entice a competitor to become a Saint. The athletic faculty is a motivated, honorable, and renowned group of individuals who excel in their particular sport. Students who are considering this school can contact the Admissions Department to set up a meeting with a coach or trainer.

In addition to the men’s and women’s sporting opportunities, this college also offers club sports and intramural sports for all of its students to participate in. Male club members can play intramural baseball, female club members can compete in field hockey. The college also offers coed cheerleading and even has its own tribute to the fictional game of Quidditch created in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter book series.

Local Community

Boston, Massachusetts residents are proud of their city’s reputation as the Athens of America. This reputation for quality education is evident in Boston’s over one hundred colleges and universities and the quarter of a million students who are seeking a secondary education in Boston. Students can enter academic partnerships with other colleges and universities, transferring credits from one of the many artistic conservatories or scientific institutes.

The city of Boston is also well-known for its numerous public art galleries, concert venues, live theaters, restaurants, and extensive night life. Students will have immediate access to all of this and will also live in proximity to American tourist draws such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. The Northeast is one of the most thrilling and worthwhile places to seek a college degree.

Additional School Information

Emmanuel College is uniquely dedicated to its students. Because of its relatively small student body size, the faculty is especially attuned to the needs and desires of the students. This is evident in the myriad of opportunities designed with the student in mind. EC hosts several family weekends throughout the semester. These family weekends are often assigned a fun theme such as “Casino Night” and provide students with an excellent way to entertain their families.

One of the school’s greatest missions is establishing a mentor relationship between professors and students. Professors are encouraged to communicate regularly and on an individual basis with students to better understand their personal goals and challenges.

This school is a “dry campus,” meaning no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises. Students who attend must agree to these campus terms and may receive disciplinary action if the guidelines are breached.

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