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55 Lake Avenue, North
Worcester, MA 01655

University of Massachusetts Medical School

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The University of Massachusetts Medical School opened in 1970 and is located in Worcester. The school seeks to train residents of Massachusetts for service in the state, especially underserved areas. The school is affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, which encompasses a regional trauma center as well as an air ambulance reception area. The school is located on the banks of Lake Quinsigamond.


4-year semimodern. First and second years: The curriculum in the preclinical sciences emphasizes thoughtful coordination across disciplines and interdisciplinary courses. Throughout the first 2 years, students also participate in twice-weekly sessions consisting of The Patient, Physician, and Society (PPS) and the Longitudinal Preceptorship Program (LPP). Both courses are tightly integrated and coordinated with concurrent basic science disciplines. Third and fourth years: The clerkship years comprise the third and fourth years of study. Required clerkships consist of clinical rotations in internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, neurology, and surgery. The medicine clerkship includes 4 weeks in an internist’s office. The surgery clerkship consists of a hospital-based, 8-week component and a 4-week ambulatory component. The fourth year consists of a required 4-week clerkship in neurology and a 4-week subinternship in medicine plus a minimum of an additional 24 weeks of electives. With the guidance and counsel of faculty members, students plan a balanced program of study appropriate to their field of interest, combining work in both basic science and clinical medicine. The Senior Scholars Program also exists for selected students who desire intensive study in a field of special interest or research. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, a unique program of at least 3 months combining both basic science and clinical experience in a given discipline is arranged.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: Minority students who are legal residents of Massachusetts are invited to apply for admission. A 4-week Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is available for sophomore and higher level college students. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs are offered in all the basic medical sciences and in immunology and molecular genetics.


The basic premedical science courses and 1 year of English are required. Courses in calculus, psychology, sociology, and statistics are recommended. Transfer and advanced standing: Applicants will be accepted, provided there are vacancies in the class.


System used is Honors/Satisfactory/Marginal/Unsatisfactory/ Incomplete. Students are required to take USMLE Step 1 and Step 2. Promotion from one phase of the curriculum to the next will be determined by the Committee on Promotions, consisting of instructors from each department involved in the curriculum of a given period of study. Teaching: A 10-story Basic and Clinical Sciences Building was completed in 1973. A 400-bed teaching hospital that adjoins the Sciences Building opened in 1976. The Medical Center is the designated regional trauma center for Central Massachusetts as well as the base of operation for New England Life Flight. Other: Among the affiliated hospitals for clinical teaching are the St. Vincent Hospital (600 beds), Worcester City Hospital (250 beds), Worcester Memorial Hospital (379 beds), and Berkshire Medical Center (365 beds). Library: The Medical School Library is housed in the Sciences Building and includes the capacity for more than 100,000 volumes. Housing: The school has no facilities to house students; they have to find places in the community.

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