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While some schools might prepare students for the world with a general overview of the arts and the humanities, that approach isn’t very beneficial for students who are interested in immediately joining the workforce or learning a concrete skill. Founded in 1970 under the name the Diesel Institute of America, North American Trade Schools has always been firmly focused on providing tangible skills to students for immediate use upon graduation. While the original purpose was simply to prepare diesel mechanics for their jobs, the focus of the school has expanded to include career preparations for a number of different fields.

Founded in Landover, Maryland, North American Trade Schools current sees most of its classes over at the Baltimore campus. Since the school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, students can rest assured that the skills they are learning are on the forefront of the field in question, and that their degree will be a valuable asset when the search for employment begins. And when it comes to the search for employment, North American Trade Schools are more than willing to help students search for just the right fit. Part of attending is the peace of mind that comes with knowing, before graduation, the school’s advising department will assist you in your job search. With so many leads into the local community, most students who attend North American Trade Schools find themselves gainfully employed in no time at all.

The six main programs at North American Trade Schools all provide expert training in their particular field. The original focus of the school, Diesel Technician Training, provides realistic labs and an extensive auto mechanic school. Students can earn a diploma for all the school’s programs to help them get an edge on other applicants. The Building Construction Technician program offers comprehensive training in a number of different specialized areas, including roofing, exterior finishes, carpentry, interior framing, and millwork.

Not all the programs at North American Trade Schools are based on mechanical skills. For those who enjoy the freedom of the road, CDL training provides the skills needed to start out as a truck driver, trucking and logistics manager, or local driver. Other programs at North American Trade Schools includes the Combination Welding Technology Program, the Electrical Technology program, and HRVAC.

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Certain programs at North American Trade Schools require a diploma or GED, including the Diesel Technician Training program, the Building Construction Technician program, and the Combination Welding Technology program. No high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in CDL training or HRVAC. Classes are organized by semester, with students earning their diplomas more rapidly by signing up for accelerated learning when it is available.

Financial Aid

Roughly half of the students attending North American Trade Schools receive some form of need-based financial aid. For those who are unsure of what they qualify for, your best bet is to schedule an appointment with the Financial Aid Office, where counselors can provide assistance with completing the FAFSA, looking for community-based scholarships, and getting the entire process underway in enough time for students to know how much financial assistance they will be receiving well before the semester begins. A number of need and merit-based scholarships are also offered by the school and local businesses to offset the costs of attending.

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The student body of North American Trade schools comes from a variety of different backgrounds. A number of young people straight out of high school who want the skills needed to join the workforce immediately opt for North American Trade Schools programs and diplomas over attending two-year junior college because of the immediacy with which they can seek employment. A big part of the school are the Career Services, which provide a great deal of assistance in looking for work. Students are of all different ages and backgrounds, with many people back in school to pursue a different career.

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As most students attending North American Trade Schools are interested in rapidly learning the skill sets necessary for a career, the focus is more on attending classes and learning technical skills than extracurricular activities. However, many students still find time between work and classes to play the occasional pickup game of basketball at one of the nearby courts close to campus.

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