University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery


The University of Maryland system is a public system that was created in 1807. The Baltimore County campus became part of the state university system in 1963. Established in 1840, the dental school at the University of Maryland was the first dental college to exist in the world. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery is located in the same 32-acre urban campus in downtown Baltimore, as are the schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Health Professions, as well as Law and Social Work. In 1983 a Center for the Study of Human Performance in Dentistry was established at the school.


4-year. Integration of biological and clinical sciences takes place using a horizontally and vertically integrated curricula. Preclinical technical courses employ simulators for realism. Elective basic science courses or clinical clerkship programs may be taken in the senior year. Students provide comprehensive patient care for their assigned patients.

Unique Programs

Research experience is available at the student’s option. A combined DDS-PhD program is also available for qualified applicants. Tutors and a special program are available for those in need of academic assistance while in attendance.


Minimum requirements are 8 credits of inorganic chemistry, general biology, organic chemistry, physics, 6 credits of English composition and 3 credis of biochemistry. Recommended courses include biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and physiology. Applicants presenting the minimum science requirements should show better than average performance in these courses. Both science and nonscience majors are encouraged to apply. Nonresidents should have a minimum science GPA of 3.2 and DAT of 18. Transfer and advanced standing: Students from other U.S. or Canadian schools may be admitted with advanced standing.


A new dental school facility is under construction and will be operational for the 2006

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