University of Minnesota School of Dentistry


The University of Minnesota was established in 1851 and took over the Minnesota College Hospital in 1888, establishing its own Department of Medicine. The Dental School, originally a part of this department, became separated in 1892, and in 1932 became known as the School of Dentistry. The school is a component of the University Academy Health Center, which also contains schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Public Health. The School of Dentistry offers postgraduate training in the dental specialties and has a dental hygiene program.


4-year. The basic sciences are taught throughout the first 3 years. Integration is accomplished by offering clinically oriented phases of the basic sciences. The students begin their clinical experience in oral radiology and occlusion during the first year in school. Some electives are offered during the second year, but most are taken during the last year. Most clinical experiences are provided in the school’s clinics. When appropriate, students also are able to secure clinical experiences in major hospitals, nursing homes, and health care centers in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

Unique Programs

Academic counseling and tutorial assistance are available to students in need.


The basic predental science courses plus biochemistry and 1 year of English, 1 course in psychology, and mathematics (at least through college algebra) are required. Other recommended courses include speech, art (such as basic drawing and sculpturing), cell biology, histology, genetics, and physiology. Strong preference is given to Minnesota residents, but residents from Montana, North and South Dakota, Manitoba, and Wisconsin also are given special consideration. Transfer: Opportunities are possible.


The school is part of the University Academic Health Center. Its facilities are located in an up-todate health science building. Off-campus facilities of the Hennepin County Medical Center and VA Hospital are also utilized.

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