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Saint Louis University School of Medicine

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St. Louis University, established by the Jesuits in 1818, was the first university chartered west of the Mississippi. The School of Medicine was opened in 1836. It is one of the university’s 6 professional schools, the others being Business, Law, Theology, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Service. During the last half of the nineteenth century political developments forced the separation of the medical school from the university. Reintegration took place in 1963. It was at that time that many distinguished physicians also joined the faculty.


4-yearsemimodern.Thecurriculumconsistsof3phases. Phase1:ConsistsofaFundamentaloraBiomedicalSciences course, a Health Information Resources course to develop computer skills and proficiency in gathering information on various aspects of human disease and patient care, and a Patient, Physician, and Society course that includes such units as ethics, communication skills, and physical diagnosis. Phase 2: Includes an organ and systems approach. Phase 3: Incorporates year III and year IV with an added clerkship in Family Medicine and opportunities to design individualized programs, including electives. Ambulatory care activities have been significantly expanded.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: The School of Medicine is committed to diversity in the classroom and in the clinics so that all of our students understand and learn from each other about the practice of medicine in a diversified environment. Other degree programs: Combined MD-PhD programs are available in the basic medical sciences and in molecular virology. Combined MDMPH and MD-MBA programs are available.


In addition to the basic premedical science courses, requirements include 1 year of English and 12 credits of humanities and behavioral science courses. Recommended courses include calculus and biochemistry. Seventy-five percent of each class are nonresidents. Transfer and advanced standing: Applicants from accredited U.S. medical schools are considered for the second- and third-year classes.


The system used is Honors/Pass/Fail. Overall achievement and the promise of students is taken into consideration in deciding promotion. Students must record a passing total score on Step 1 of the USMLE for promotion to the third year and on Step 2 for graduation. Teaching: The school consists of a medical sciences building, Doisy Hall, Caroline Building, Anheuser Busch Institute, and Doisy Learning Resources Center. Clinical facilities consist of: Saint Louis University Hospital, Cardinal Glennon Memorial Hospital for Children, Bethesda Cancer Research Center, St. Mary’s Health Center, and Wohl Memorial Mental Health Institute. Several other hospitals are affiliated with the school. Other: Laboratory facilities are available at: The University Hospital, School of Medicine, Pediatric Research Institute, and Institute for Molecular Virology. Library: The Medical Center Library has a collection of 112,109 volumes and receives 1421 periodicals. Housing: A medical fraternity offers housing.

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1402 South Grand Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63104

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