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1750 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64106

The University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

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The Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine opened in 1916. In 1921 it moved to its present location. In 1970 the name of the college was changed to the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, and in 1980 it again changed to its present name, the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine.


4-year. The first 2 years of the curriculum are classroom oriented, covering the foundations of basic and clinical medical sciences. Osteopathic principles and philosophy, as well as contemporary concepts in medical education, are integrated into the curriculum. The last 2 years focus on training in clinical settings. The purpose of the curriculum is to advance the mission of the university and college in preparing its graduates to be highly competitive osteophatic physicians. To that end, an enhanced curriculum was implemented in 2000. This curriculum eliminates the artificial separation of the basic and clinical sciences, integrating all essential concepts and information into a seamless continuum of clinical presentations. The foundations of anatomy, biochemistry, epidemiology, genetics, immunology, medical ethics, microbiology, osteopathic principles and practices, pathology, pharmacology, physiology, and the clinical disciplines of internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine, surgery, ob/gyn, and psychiatry are incorporated into clinical presentations covering all diseases physicians will encounter in day-to-day practice. New concepts such as health care policy, medical informatics, and health and wellness are integrated into the curricular structure. The third and fourth years use clinical clerkships to reinforce and expand on the trianing of the first 2 years. Each student takes a minimum of 19 clinical clerkships (rotations). The first 10 clerkships are the primary core clinical experiences and consist of educational experiences in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, ob/gyn, and psychiatry. The fourth year experience expands student responsibility through a subinternship or extended family medicine experience. Additional core experience is provided in cardiology and emergency medicine. Four months of electives are included in the fourth year. Affiliated Teaching Hospitals The college is affiliated with 26 hospitals providing access to more than 6590 beds. Housing Students must find their own housing.


Completion of at least 90 credits is required, but a baccalaureate degree is strongly recommended, along with at least a 2.5 GPA and a total MCAT score of 18 or higher. The basic premedical courses, including courses in biochemistry and genetics and 1 year of English and the MCAT, are required. A class size of approximately 225 entering students is expected. After review of the preliminary AACOMAS application, a supplementary application form may be sent out requesting letters of recommendation, and applicants may be invited for an interview. Decisions are made on a rolling admissions basis.

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