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Wake Forest University School of Medicine

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In 1834 the Wake Forest Institute opened, and became a university in 1967. The Bowman Gray School of Medicine originally opened in 1902 as the Wake Forest Medical School. It was renamed the School of Medical Sciencesin1937andoperatedasa2-yearmedicalschool until 1941, when it was moved from Wake County to Winston-Salem as a 4-year medical school in association with the North Carolina Baptist Hospitals, Inc., and named Bowman Grey School of Medicine, which now constitutes the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. In 1997 the medical school was renamed Wake Forest University School of Medicine.


4-year modern. The medical student education program is aimed at achieving 9 specific goals, namely, self-directed learning and stimulating the desire for life-long learning, securing a science core biomedical knowledge, as well as gaining proficiency in clinical skills, problem solving, clinical reasoning skills, interviewing and communication skills, information management skills, and professional behavior and attitudes. Students master the basic and clinical medical sciences in an integrated manner throughout the entire program. They utilize small-group, problem-based learning and other educational methods. This approach involves close integration through a computer network. Early community exposure and attention to population healthcare are distinguishing features of the program. Professionalism issues are considered at all phases to provide prospective physicians with a better understanding of their role in society.

Unique Programs

Minority admissions: A recruitment program is sponsored by the school through its Office of Minority Affairs. It provides a summer enrichment program for accepted students prior to matriculation. Also, there is a tuition-free postbaccalaureate program throughWake Forest University for students who have not achieved admission to medical school. Other degree programs: MD-MBA and MD-PhD are offered.


The basic premedical courses are required. English and history are strongly recommended. Completion of 90 semester hours is necessary, but 120 are advised.Atotal of 108 students enter annually. Admission is without regard to race, creed, sex, religion, age, physical handicap, marital status, or national origin. Transfer and advanced standing: Transfer to third-year class is dependent upon vacancies.


Grading is on a 0 to 3 scale. Students are provided with progress evaluations at the end of each course or rotation. The Promotion Committee meets regularly to evaluate student performance and make evaluations. Students must record total passing scores on Step 1 of the USMLE for promotion and on Step 2 for graduation. Teaching: Much of the basic science instruction takes place in the renovated James A. Gray Building and Hanes Research Building. The main teaching hospital is the North Carolina Baptist Hospital (880 beds). Other: Affiliated institutions include Forsyth Memorial Hospital (896 beds), and the Northwest Area Health Education Center. Library: The Coy C. Carpenter Library contains more than 150,000 volumes including approximately 2300 medical and scientific journals. It has on-line access to various computerized bibliographic services. Housing: The school maintains no housing facilities, but apartments, rooms, and houses are available in the surrounding residential area.

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