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The Keene State College is a renowned education institution with a beautiful campus located in Keene, New Hampshire. The college was originally founded as an institution for teachers only and was called Keene Teacher’s College. However, it has grown into a liberal arts educational institution that offers majors in over forty different subject areas.

Keene State College is an accredited institution that is associated with and approved by the University System of New Hampshire. Because of its associations, Keene State College has been rigorously evaluated to ensure that students at Keene State College are receiving the very best education that can be offered by the state of New Hampshire.

Keene State College offers bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees for students who simply wish to complete their undergraduate education and immediately begin a career. However, one of their most exciting programs is their master’s program which allows students to achieve a graduate-level education immediately after receiving a bachelor’s degree. The master’s program at Keene State College is structured to act as a seamless continuation of a student’s education. Many students at Keene State College opt to enroll in this master’s level program.


Keene State College is a liberal arts college offering bachelor’s and associate’s degrees in forty different majors or areas of study. Students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a traditional area of study such as English, mathematics, psychology, music, art, history or biology will find that the educational standards at Keene State College are some of the best in the Northeast.

Keene State College is proud of its non-traditional major opportunities as well. Students can take courses in architecture that will prepare them for a successful career as an architect or major in subjects such as theater, dance, film studies, and much more. While Keene State College is only a medium-sized institution of post-secondary education, it offers much more than is to be expected from a college of its size.

Perhaps one of the more reputable educational programs at Keene State College is its education program. Students who are seeking a teacher’s license after graduation will find the education program at Keene State College is one that will accurately and effectively prepare them to be successful teachers. In fact, Keene State College hosts a large conference for those in the children’s literature industry each year. Teachers and authors from across the country visit Keene State College to take advantage of its instructors and other faculty.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Admission into Keene State College is competitive and students who have performed well academically in high school have a better chance of acceptance into the college. However, Keene State College encourages students from all academic backgrounds to apply to the school. The admissions staff at Keene State evaluates more than just test scores and grade point averages. Extraordinary community involvement or volunteer activities will often trump poor test scores or a low grade point average.

All students who apply to Keene State College must take either the SAT or the ACT. While the SAT is preferred at Keene State, the ACT is also accepted. These test scores help the admissions faculty to evaluate a student’s educational history and general knowledge. A low SAT score will not necessarily prohibit a student from being accepted. However, students should try to achieve the highest score possible to give an accurate representation of their education and knowledge.

Financial Aid

Keene State College is determined to provide affordable education to the many different students who attend the school. While New Hampshire residents receive a discounted tuition rate, out of state students are still eligible for financial aid in the form of government grants, government loans, private loans and scholarships.

After a student is accepted into Keene State College, he or she is instructed to visit the website and fill out the FAFSA online. This form allows the government to evaluate a student’s financial need for attending college. Staff members in the Keene State College Financial Aid Department can help students secure as much financial aid as needed to offset the costs of post-secondary education. Students can also apply for scholarships offered by the school by visiting the financial aid section of the website or stopping by the financial aid office on campus. Many of these scholarships require essays or interviews, and students are encouraged to apply for financial aid and scholarships as early as possible.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 1690th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in New Hampshire.


Most of the student population at Keene State College lives in on-campus housing. One of the missions of Keene State College is to cultivate lasting, personal relationships among its student population and with its faculty members. Students are encouraged to participate in the myriad of student clubs, groups and organizations that exist on campus.

Clubs such as the Outdoor Club, the Field Hockey Club, and the Fitness Club offer students the chance to get out of the classroom and make physical fitness a priority. Other clubs such as religious or political clubs give students a chance to express themselves and allow their voice to be heard.

There are many volunteer and service-oriented organizations on campus as well. Students partner to raise money for causes, host benefits to raise awareness, and serve the community by helping the elderly and the less fortunate. Keene State College students are acutely aware of the surrounding community and are constantly encouraged to get involved.

Student Enrollment Demographics

Student Graduation Demographics

Local Community

Keene, New Hampshire is a quaint New England town with a wealth of history and culture to offer students at Keene State College. Located in the Southwest corner of the state, Keene is the county seat and is therefore a cultural hub city in the state of New Hampshire.

Keene is home to many different churches and religious institutions. Cathedrals, churches, synagogues and other religious establishments can be found in Keene, New Hampshire. Students at Keene State College who major in religious studies or become involved with campus ministry programs will take advantage of the many different religions that have converged in Keene.

Keene is also home to many different festivals that take place each year. In October, the streets of Keene are filled to the brim with grinning jack-o-lanterns during the annual Pumpkin Festival. This festival has broken several world records for the largest collection of carved pumpkins in one area. The festival also includes live music, fireworks, face painting, carnival rides, and food. A music festival is also hosted in Keene each year. Live bands compete for prizes in an exciting weekend-long festival. Keene is also home to many community theaters and minor-league sporting teams with their own venues.


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Information Summary

Ranks 7th in New Hampshire and 794th overall
See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list

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Campus Crime Statistics

  Incidents per 100 Students
Aggravated assault 2 0.04
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter N/A N/A
Rape 4 0.08
Robbery N/A N/A
Arson 2 0.04
Burglary 7 0.13
Larceny N/A N/A
Vehicle theft N/A N/A
Arrest 50 0.95

Local Crime Statistics

  Incidents per 100 People
Aggravated assault 27 0.12
Murder & Non-Negligent Manslaughter 1 0.00
Forcible Rape 10 0.04
Robbery 15 0.06
Arson N/A N/A
Burglary 127 0.54
Larceny 669 2.85
Vehicle theft 15 0.06

Carnegie Foundation Classification

Master's Colleges and Universities (smaller programs)
UndergraduateBalanced arts & sciences/professions, some graduate coexistence
GraduateSingle postbaccalaureate (education)
Undergraduate PopulationFull-time four-year, selective, lower transfer-in
EnrollmentVery high undergraduate
Size & SettingMedium four-year, highly residential

General Characteristics

Title IV EligibilityParticipates in Title IV federal financial aid programs
Highest offeringPost-master's certificate
Calendar SystemSemester
Years of college work requiredN/A
Variable Tuition
Religious AffiliationN/A
Congressional District3302

Special Learning Opportunities

Distance LearningN/A
ROTC — Army / Navy / Air Force  —   /   / 
Study Abroad
Weekend College
Teacher Certification

Student Tuition Costs and Fees

Ranks 1143rd for total cost of attendance
  In District In State Out of State
Effective as of 2014-09-19
FT Undergraduate Tuition $10,410 $10,410 $17,795
FT Undergraduate Required Fees $2,366 $2,366 $2,366
PT Undergraduate per Credit Hour $440 $440 $740
FT Graduate Tuition $8,640 $8,640 $9,540
FT Graduate Required Fees $1,692 $1,692 $1,692
PT Graduate per Credit Hour $480 $480 $530
Total Cost of Attendance — On-Campus $25,084 $25,084 $32,469
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus w/out Family $13,676 $13,676 $21,061
Total Cost of Attendance — Off-Campus with Family $13,676 $13,676 $21,061

Student Tuition Cost History and Trends

Prior year cost comparison
  In District In State Out of State
Published Tuition & Fees $11,800 $12,776 $11,800 $12,776 $19,260 $19,676
  Cost (regardless of residency)
Effective as of 2014-09-19
Books & Supplies $800 $900
On-Campus – Room & Board $8,810 $9,088
On-Campus – Other Expenses $1,850(N/C)
Off-Campus w/out Family – Room & Board N/A(N/C)
Off-Campus w/out Family – Other Expenses N/A(N/C)
Off-Campus with Family – Room & Board N/A(N/C)

Admission Details

Effective as of 2014-09-19
Application Fee RequiredN/A
Undergraduate Application Fee$50
Graduate Application Fee$50
First Professional Application FeeN/A
Applicants 6,144 (2,608 male / 3,536 female)
Admitted 5,029 (2,000 male / 3,029 female)
Admission rate 82%
First-time Enrollment 1,258 (511 male / 747 female)
FT Enrollment 1,254 (509 male / 745 female)
PT Enrollment 4 (2 male / 2 female)
Total Enrollment4,923

Admission Criteria

 = Required,   = Recommended,   = Neither required nor recommended
Open Admissions
Secondary School GPA / Rank / Record  /   / 
College Prep. Completion
Formal competency demoN/A
Admission test scores
Other testsN/A

Admission Credits Accepted

Dual Credit
Life Experience
Advanced Placement (AP)

Athletics - Association Memberships

Sports / Athletic Conference Memberships NCAA
NCAA Basketball Conference Little East Conference
NCAA Baseball Conference Little East Conference
NCAA Track & Field Conference Little East Conference

SAT Test Admission

950th for 75pctl scores
Applicants submitting SAT results 94%
Verbal scores (25/75 %ile) 430 / 540
Math scores (25/75 %ile) 440 / 540
Cumulative scores (25/75 %ile) 870 / 1080

Student Services

Remedial Services
Academic / Career Counseling
PT Cost-defraying Employment
Career Placement
On-Campus Day Care
Library Facility

Student Living

First-time Room / Board Required
Dorm Capacity2,664
Meals per Week19
Room Fee$5,890
Board Fee$3,668

Faculty Compensation / Salaries

Ranks 741st for the average full-time faculty salary.
Effective as of 2014-09-20
Tenure system N/A
Average FT Salary $79,715 ($82,772 male / $71,634 female)
Number of FT Faculty 217 (113 male / 104 female)
Number of PT Faculty 436
FT Faculty Ratio 0.5 : 1
Total Benefits $8,917,202

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229 Main Street
Keene, NH 03435-1506
p. 603-352-1909
w. www.keene.edu

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