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Founded in 1931, Berkeley College specializes in business education. With nearly 9,000 students at seven campus locations located in both New Jersey and New York, as well as a large virtual campus, the school continues to provide high quality, career-focused education. Physical campus locations include the Midtown Manhattan campus, Westchester campus, Bergen campus, Garret Mountain campus, Middlesex campus, Newark campus, and the Lower Manhattan Extension Center.

Information Summary

Ranks 49th in New Jersey and 3005th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 50.9
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $25,900
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 20 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 61% / 50%
Enrollment Total (all students) 3,468


The New Jersey campuses provide career-focused courses, small class sizes, and a network of employer connections from the surrounding areas. Academic degrees offered in New Jersey include a Bachelor of Science in one of many choices, including business administration, fashion marketing & management, financial services, health services management, international business, justice studies & criminal justice, management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and marketing. The college also offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in justice studies. In addition, some degrees offer internships for students to earn hands-on training and experience to better prepare them for entry into the workforce.

Distance Education

The online degree programs offer a variety of associate and bachelor degrees, as well as some certificates. Bachelor degrees offered through the online programs can be earned in the following areas of study: business administration, fashion marketing & management, financial services, general business, health services management, information systems management, international business, justice studies, management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, and marketing. Students may also choose to pursue a variety of associate degrees in the following fields of study: fashion marketing & management, financial services, health services management, health services administration, information systems management, international business, justice studies, management, and marketing. There are two certificates offered: a computer applications academic certificate, and a software management academic certificate.

Honors Programs and Societies

The Honors Program is open to students who maintain a 3.80 GPA or better. Participants study topics in greater depth than in the standard academic programs, drawing across departments for resources. Participants in the Honors Program may further involve themselves in Honor societies on the Berkley campus, including Sigma Beta Delta for students of business, administration, and management; Lambda Epsilon Chi for paralegal students, Alpha Sigma Lambda for adult students who excel in their studies, and Phi Theta Kappa for students enrolled in associate’s degree programs.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Institute is open by special admission to students who have shown an interest in and a potential for effective leadership. Participants meet four times a year for workshops ranging in topic from peer mentoring, instituting change, determining learning outcomes, implementation of assessment planning, and more. Students meet with peer leaders from other campuses and attend events off-site as well.

Library Resources

The library system includes a comprehensive collection of print volumes, electronic databases, and periodicals. There are computers for student use in the libraries; students may also check out laptops to use elsewhere on campus.

Most Popular Fields of Study


Berkeley College-Woodland Park
Berkeley College-Woodland Park

Unique Programs

The Center for Global Studies

The Center for Global Studies was established in January of 2011 to prepare students for successful careers in a highly globalized business world. Global perspectives are included throughout the curricula in every department, combining academic and experiential learning to increase cultural understanding. The Center partners with faculty members to expand offerings on the social, environmental, political, and business effects of a globalized society. The Center also partners with colleges and universities around the world to provide mutually beneficial teaching, learning, and research opportunities.

Corporate Learning Partnership Program

The Corporate Learning Partnership Program pairs students with dozens of businesses throughout their catchment area to provide internships and student work opportunities. Many of these partnerships lead to impressive resumes and even full-time work offers after graduation. The college also maintains an extensive online career services program, allowing students to be matched with potential work opportunities as best and efficiently as possible.


Admissions are open to all students who have a high school diploma or equivalent. Prospective students should apply online, or download an application from the school’s website and submit it to the college.

Financial Aid

The financial aid office offers several aid options for qualifying students, including grants, loans, and work study programs. All students are required to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be considered for financial assistance.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 5669th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in New Jersey.


Students have many opportunities to be involved in campus life. The Student Center houses a lounge, meeting rooms, and a full-service dining room which offers an array of food options seven days a week. The Academic Support Center offers a wide range of support services, including personalized tutoring and workshops for time management and study skills.

There are a large number of student clubs and organizations on campus, as well as an enormous number of attractions in New York City, such as museums, plays, Wall Street, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment.

Residential Life

Residence halls are only located on New York campuses (Westchester and Manhattan), although the University Center in Newark also houses some Berkeley students. All residences are located very conveniently to public transportation; it is not uncommon for students to live at one campus while attending classes at another. Several of the residences contain apartments with full amenities.

Student Enrollment Demographics

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The athletics department offers intercollegiate sports and intramural sports for its students at all campuses. Intercollegiate sports offered in New Jersey include men’s basketball, soccer, and cheerleading, as well as women’s soccer and cheerleading. The mascot is the Bulldogs. The cheerleading squad performs at New York City’s Knights basketball games.

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