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Located in Neptune, New Jersey, Monmouth County Vocational School District offers the opportunity to do more learning than simply reading books and writing reports. The focus of the program, rather, is to assist the students of the Monmouth County school district with skills necessary to adopt the latest technology and apply different real-world skills to job searches, in addition to a great deal of reading and writing. Designed for high schoolers who are interested in technical skills in additional to regular high school learning, Monmouth County Vocational School District has been praised for its innovative approach to learning, with an impressive student-teacher ratio as well as specialty programs designed to help out at-risk students before they derail their lives entirely.

A number of different programs are available for students to choose from, including everything from culinary skills to technology learning. Monmouth County Vocational School District is divided into a number of different career-oriented sub-programs: The Academy of Allied Health and Science, The Culinary Center of Monmouth County, the Marine Academy of Science and Technology, and the High Technology High School. A rapidly growing and popular program is the MCVSD Law Enforcement Program, which introduces students to the options of a career in law enforcement. In addition to all of these different courses of study, special smaller programs exist for students who have already demonstrated that they are at-risk.

The Academy of Allied Health and Science provides college preparatory courses for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine, and the high number of internships available, coupled with many qualified teachers to act as mentors, has lead to a high success rate of students continuing their studies. Communications High School offers the chance to participate in internships that show the inner workings of communications, while High Technology High School provides an ideal environment for technically-inclined students to get a head start on various engineering and computer-based sciences. Students participating in the High Technology High School can often do duel enrollment, meaning that high school credits will transfer over to give them a leg up when beginning college courses.

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Students interested in attending classes at Monmouth County Vocational School District must be residents of Monmouth County. To determine one’s eligibility, it is best to set up an appointment with the Administrative Offices, or to visit the school’s main location in Neptune. With programs available for adults interested in learning as well as the new distance program, it will soon be possible for those who are not secondary students to benefit from the extensive learning opportunities offered by Monmouth County Vocational School District.


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Financial Aid

Continuing education and adult students are eligible for financial aid towards courses at Monmouth County Vocational School District, while those high school students can enjoy the fact that, as a public education program, there are minimal fees for choosing to pursue a course of study in the specialized schools and programs offered by Monmouth County Vocational School District. For more information and definitive costs, including the Culinary and Nursing programs, it is best to speak with someone in the Admissions or Administration offices who can provide links to resources as well as numbers for department heads to speak to for particular questions.

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With just over 2,000 students and 225 teachers, the student-to-teacher ratio at Monmouth County Vocational School District is one of the main reasons that area students choose to enroll in the program. With a number of different campuses to choose from depending on the course of study one is interested in, classes can occur anywhere from the main campus in Neptune to Wall Township’s trade field experience learning opportunities.

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While the high schools that make up Monmouth County Vocation School District do not themselves offer athletic programs to take part in, as part of the overall school district, students can often participate in other school’s athletic programs. For more information on whether or not one applies, it is best to find a contact in the Administration Office who can provide a list of other area schools who might be interested in students from the vocational schools participating in athletics. Many students do enjoy unofficial games of basketball and football from time to time on campus, though these fall more into the category of club sports than official athletics.

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