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Albany Medical College Office of Admissions

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Albany Medical College is a private, coeducational, nondenominational school first founded in 1839. In 1873 the school joined with Union College and Albany Law School to form Union University.


Albany follows a 4-year semitraditional model. The curriculum of the first year focuses on basic science instruction combined with clinical cases to focus on normal function. In the second year this focus shifts to abnormal function and the disease state. In their third year, students take on clinical clerkships that emphasize ambulatory care in varied settings: rural, urban, managed care, and private practice. Finally, in the fourth year students are expected to participate in hospital-based work that prepares them for future residency and practice. Additional elective time allows students to round out their education and further explore specific areas of interest.

During both the third and fourth years, basic science material is revisited within the context of a student’s clinical experience. Several other modules, each with a different health care focus, span the entire 4-year experience. For example, Health Care and Society introduces students to the psychosocial, humanistic, ethical, and legal aspects of care. Comprehensive Care Case Study emphasizes primary care, systems of care, comparisons of care in different settings, issues related to the epidemiology of disease, prevention and wellness, geriatrics, AIDS, and substance abuse. This module focuses students’ attention on the concept of health care delivered by a team rather than an individual.

Unique Programs

AMC fosters relationships with undergraduate schools through combined degree programs. Selected high school applicants are admitted to these highly competitive programs at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Union College, and Siena College. There is also a combined Md-PhD program for students who wish to focus on academics as well as practice.

The Alden March Bioethics Institute, located within the college, offers a variety of unique classes and degrees for students on campus and online.It is possible to earn a Doctor of Medicine with Distinction in Bioethics or a Doctorate of Professional Studies in Bioethics.


Applicants must have completed a minimum of 3 years of college work in an accredited college or university. Required courses include 1 year of the basic premedical sciences plus proficiency in oral and written English. Applicants for first-year admission are also required to take the Medical College Admission Test and submit official scores. Transfer and advanced standing: No opportunities exist.


Students are graded on a modified Pass/Fail system. Grades assigned are Honors, Excellent, Good, Marginal, and Unsatisfactory. Students must take Steps 1 and 2 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) as candidates and record their scores.

The college is located in the state’s capital. The school consists of a 7-floor medical education building and a 5-story medical research building, which together provide teaching facilities, research laboratories, faculty and administrative offices, clinic areas, a bookstore, student lounge, and library. The school is physically joined to the Albany Medical Center Hospital in a large complex. This hospital, the nearby Veterans Administration Medical Center, and other affiliated hospitals provide facilities for clinical instruction.

Schaffer Library, located between the two main buildings on campus, contains about 111,300 volumes, 1500 audiovisual programs (including computer programs), and receives 1250 medical periodicals on a regular basis. Remote access technology enables use of the library electronic collection from off-campus locations.

Many students choose to live in college housing. A residence hall accommodating 168 single students is located within easy walking distance.

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