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In 1937, the Franciscan Friars, a faction of the Roman Catholic Church, founded Siena College in the state of New York. Its motto, “Developing leaders capable of extraordinary achievement,” is evidence of its commitment to the highest educational standards and the most stringent attention to detail in its faculty and educational structure.

The college accepts both men and women as students, and offers several options for bachelor’s degrees in the sciences and liberal arts. Many of its students take advantage of Siena College’s extensive business program. The college, named after Saint Bernandino of Siena, has an average yearly enrollment of around three thousand undergraduate students. Most of these students reside on campus in the many different residential halls that offer townhouse-style living as well as traditional dormitory living.

While most of the traditional dormitories are located in the heart of the Siena College campus, the student townhouses are located on the outskirts of the campus. Residents in the Colonie community, the city where Siena College is located, were at first vehemently opposed to the construction of these student houses so close to other residential areas of the community. The controversy prompted a legal battle that nevertheless resulted in the construction of the student properties.

Information Summary

Ranks 19th in New York and 198th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 92.7
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $55,706
Admission Success rate N/A
SAT 75%ile scores 1220
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 14 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 88% / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 3,221


Bachelor’s degree options are offered at Siena College in business, science, and the liberal arts. Students have a wide array of specific options within each of these educational subjects. One of the most popular bachelor’s degree subjects is within the school of business. Students can major in accounting, marketing, management, and business administration.

Students can also opt to complete a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts. History, American Studies, Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology and several languages are taught at Siena College. Students who major in English are often encouraged to minor in either French or Spanish. Both of these foreign languages are taught at Siena College.

The school also offers many different minor options as well as career certification programs. While most of the students who attend Siena College are seeking bachelor’s degrees, there is a large population of the student body that is seeking only a minor or only a career certificate.

The certificate program in Education is available to students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in either education or another liberal arts program. Students who enroll in this certification program will graduate with a license to teach in public schools in the state of New York. Many students also enroll in certification programs as a supplementation to a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree. Certification in Peace Studies, Accounting, Risk Management, and Computer Science are some of Siena College’s most popular career certification programs.

Most Popular Fields of Study


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The admission process at Siena College requires students to fill out an application and submit a few other pieces of information. This application is then considered by an admissions board. Most students who apply to the college before the posted deadline for admissions will receive a response via e-mail or post within one week of applying.

Students who apply online receive two distinct advantages. First, they are not required to pay a processing fee after submitting their application. Students who submit their application in person on campus or mail or fax their application after printing it off of the school’s webpage may have to pay a small processing fee. Secondly, students who apply online have the option of submitting a graded high school paper in place of an original essay. The essay process is often a large deterrent for students applying to post-secondary schools. Sienna College recognizes this and allows students to submit a work that they have already completed for a high school assignment. The purpose of this document is to allow the admissions board to evaluate a student’s academic and English skills.

The application must also include a student’s standardized test scores. Students are encouraged to take the SAT when applying to Siena College; however, an ACT score is also perfectly acceptable. Students can save time by entering the Siena College code on their standardized tests. This ensures that the test results are sent directly to the college. Students must also submit a letter of recommendation from a school guidance counselor or administrator.

Financial Aid

Siena College is dedicating to helping its students find sufficient funding to pay for a college education. The easiest way to accomplish this is by visiting the Financial Aid office at Siena College. Here, students can fill out the FAFSA with assistance from qualified staff members. After the FAFSA is received and processed, students will receive information regarding the government assistance they may receive. Students are also provided with options regarding private sources of financial aid such as student loans and personal scholarships.

The Financial Aid office also offers a wealth of information for prospective students who need assistance paying for college tuition. Here, students can learn about techniques and tips to use when applying for scholarships. Students can also enroll for courses about debt management and financial peace. The Financial Aid office is determined to help students succeed both financially and academically.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 1555th for the average student loan amount.
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The student body of Siena College is actively involved in a variety of events both on-campus and off-campus. Students at Siena College are encouraged to volunteer in the surrounding communities, and the student government organizes several volunteer opportunities for students each semester. The Best Buddies club exists to provide personal relationships to children and adults with developmental disabilities, and many of the students at Siena College volunteer in this program every year. Students at Siena College are also actively involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Students can also get involved in student government, the staff of the school newspaper, and a variety of other social and recreational clubs. The Dance Club and the Siena Equestrian Club are two examples of social clubs that allow students to express their own talents and interests.

Student Enrollment Demographics

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The Siena College Saints are a collection of nearly twenty varsity teams that compete in the NCAA Division I conference. The men’s basketball team has gained notoriety over the years and has been in the division finals twice in the last decade. Students can also compete on varsity teams such as the women’s basketball team, baseball or softball, cross country, lacrosse, golf and soccer.


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