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For quality and innovation, nothing comes close to the New York State University system, where a variety of different colleges offer an affordable yet groundbreaking way to obtain a degree or certificate. A public two-year college located in Stone Ridge, New York, Ulster County Community College is an excellent start towards a four-year degree at a fraction of the cost, as well as a great choice in earning an associate’s and stopping at that.

Located in a picturesque setting right at the foot of the Catskill Mountains in Hudson Valley, students who are interested in the arts in particular will be enamored with the campus setting, which is close enough to New York City for a fix of the metropolitan life, but more centered in areas that are historically famous for their progressive and prolific artist communities. The school offers the opportunity to take most courses online, as well as in person, and has an excellent track record of over 60% of students continuing on to earn a degree at a four-year college after getting their associate’s at SUNY Ulster.

Courses of study at SUNY Ulster can be broken down into a number of different academic departments. They are: Nursing; Business and Professional Studies; Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology; Visual Arts, Music, and Theater; English, Communications, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy; and Social Science, Education, and Human Services. The school is a popular choice for those who are interested in more of a well-rounded liberal arts education rather than a program that provides more vocational training than a look at the classics.

A hands-on approach to learning is one of the reasons that SUNY Ulster is so popular. Students participating in the English, Communications, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy department have access to the on-campus Writing Center, where they can receive assistance with their writing, including helpful feedback and edits. Students have access to a number of cutting-edge literary journals and specialized publications in the school’s library, and enjoy the expertise of adjunct professors who are currently working and succeeding in their field. The Honors Program in many different departments also offers students the chance to really challenge themselves and receive a high-quality education that is both rewarding and more challenging at the same time.

Most Popular Fields of Study

Information Summary

Ranks 190th in New York and 2817th overall. See the entire top 2,000 colleges and universities list
Overall Score (about) 53.5
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $6,540
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 23 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) 62% / 46%
Enrollment Total (all students) 3,554


Admissions materials can be downloaded online. Prospective students must submit a completed application, as well as high school transcript and diploma, or GED equivalent. Transfer students should include coursework and college transcripts, too. ACT or SAT test scores are also a requirement.


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Financial Aid

Not to oversell, but SUNY Ulster is an excellent choice for a school if you are looking for an institution that can provide you with financial aid beyond the usual FAFSA, Stafford Loan, and PELL Grant route. While it is helpful to receive need-based financial aid from the state and federal government, SUNY Ulster also makes it easy to earn scholarships based on both need and merit.

One of the most popular incentives to attend SUNY Ulster is the College Scholars Program. Any student attending high school in Ulster County who graduates in the top 10 percent of his or her class is offered a full tuition scholarship to attend, which is a significant step towards saving money to put towards earning a bachelor’s degree from a four-year institution after two initial years at SUNY Ulster. In addition to this incentive, the school also offers a number of scholarships itself.

Over 30 scholarships are offered to students attending SUNY Ulster each year, including the Tomorrows Teachers Scholarship, the Lions Club of Hurley Scholarship, the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, the and the Foundation General Scholarship. Specific departments also have their own specific scholarships, such as the Roundout Savings Bank Scholarship for Business Administration students and the New York State Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship for Criminal Justice students.

Student Financial Aid Details

Ranks 6080th for the average student loan amount.
Secrets to getting the best scholarships and financial aid in New York.


Students attending Ulster County Community College are lucky enough to have access to a lot of fun on-campus resources and activities when they’re not attending class. 70 percent of the student body is at college for the first time, and 30 percent are non-traditional or returning students who are interested in learning a little bit more about something, earning a second degree, or starting over for the first time. Students are free to receive medical attention at the Health Center, to get feedback on papers and some tutoring at The Writing Center, or to even receive a bit of help with their mental health over at Counseling on-campus. There are computer labs for use throughout the day, campus security to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure, and an extensive library with a number of world-class journals, as well as all of the books you could possibly need for research and general learning, too.

Many cultural experiences take place on campus each semester, with visiting artists, poets, writers, and performers. Students with an interest in journalism can work for The Slate, the school paper, and a number of different clubs and organizations exist on campus, too. Though they vary, some of the most popular and the oldest include Earth and Space Science Club, Improv Club, GLBTA Club, Synthesis Club, the SUNY Ulster Poetry Society, Visual Arts Club, and Tomorrow’s Teachers.

Student Enrollment Demographics


SUNY Ulster offers students the chance to participate in a number of different teams, including more traditional and slightly quirkier. Fall sports include women’s volleyball, co-ed cross country, and women’s and men’s soccer. Winter sports are women’s and men’s basketball and co-ed bowling. Spring sports are men’s baseball and golf, women’s softball, and both women’s and men’s tennis.

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