Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Ohio University was established in 1804. It is a public school with 9 undergraduate and 8 graduate schools. The College of Osteopathic Medicine was established in 1975. The school focuses on training in primary care including family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. More than half of its graduates practice primary care medicine.


4-year. The focus of instruction is on the holistic approach to practicing primary care medicine, with the realization that even the medical specialist needs a firm understanding of these disciplines. The curricula involves a combination of learning activities including case-based learning, computer-based programs, independent and group study, early clinical contact, and traditional lectures and laboratories. The college offers 2 curricular options to accommodate students with different learning styles. The Clinical Presentation Continuum (CPC) curriculum integrates letures, small group, self-directed learning, and early clinical contact into its structure. In addition to the CPC track, the Patient Case Continuum (PCC), a problem-based learning curriculum, utilizes self-directed learning, working in small groups, and early clinical activities. Due to the limited number of positions in the PCC program, students wishing to be considered for the PCC curriculum must go through a second selection process after having been admitted to the school. Affiliated Teaching Hospitals The school provides clinical training at 12 hospitals that form regional training centers in 4 different regions of Ohio. Housing Student housing is available in off-campus apartments and houses.

Unique Programs

The school offers combined degree programs leading to a DO-PhD, DO-MBA, DO-MHA, DO-MPH, and DO-MS.


Completion of a baccalaureate degree and the MCAT are necessary. The basic premedical science courses plus 1 year each of English and behavioral science are required. Additional courses in the biological sciences are highly recommended. Students with 3 years of exceptional college work are considered. After a review of the AACOMAS application, completion of a supplemental application and supporting material will be requested from those receiving further consideration. This will include submission of preprofessional advisory committee evaluations. A letter of evaluation from an osteopathic physician is highly recommended. The size of the entering class is expected to be 100 students. It will be filled on a rolling basis.

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