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Indian Capitol Technology Center (ICTC) is located in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. There are several courses of concentration to choose from, including but not limited to: air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive service technology, service careers and carpentry, practical nursing, welding and more. Each course is designed to give the student the most comprehensive experience to compete with the best of those who are already in the field.

The academic center at ICTC was established for the benefit of the students. Students are able to receive tutoring and extra help to improve their skills in multiple areas such as math, reading, and communication skills. Students also learn job readiness skills and job search skills.

Indian Capitol Technology Center offers students full time day courses, short term evening and weekend courses, as well as online courses. Short term weekend classes are geared towards the adult learner. The classes are based on workforce demand and community interest. Classes are generally offered in the areas of business, healthcare, computer and technology, continuing education, and a litany of general interest courses.

ICTC offers online classes in addition to classes that are offered in the traditional setting. This is designed to assist students who have obligations outside of the classroom, are able to better balance school with life’s demands. Students who wish to earn a degree while continuing to work full time or take care of other responsibilities are able to do so without having to divide their time with being in the classroom. Students who choose to pursue their educational goals through distance learning must be well disciplined. The student must establish study time to remain current with classroom demands. The student must also stay actively engaged in course room discussions and complete and turn in assignments in a timely manner. The student must have access to a computer and be familiar with basic computer and typing skills. It is highly encouraged that the student owns his or her computer, if possible, as library computers or other outside sources may not be reliable enough for a student to use on a daily basis. ICTC’s Library computers are not always readily available, and students are only allowed to use them for a specific time frame as they are for public use.

Information Summary

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Overall Score (about) Insufficient Data
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty N/A
Retention (full-time / part-time) 96% / 94%
Enrollment Total (all students) 218


To be considered for admission as a student of Indian Capital Technology Center, each student must complete and submit an application. The process for students who are newly out of high school differs from adult students.

Adult learners must schedule an interview with the admissions department and be evaluated through testing. If the adult learner is seeking financial aid, he or she must also interview with the financial aid department. Transcripts and records from former colleges, evaluation results, and the application will be reviewed during the interview. After the adult learner has completed the enrollment process, he or she will be required to sign a financial affidavit articulating an agreement between themselves and the school. The student will be given a start date and all information needed to be successful in their academic program.

High school students also need to fill out applications for admission. The application should be checked by the student’s high school counselor or high school principal to ensure that the application has been completed accurately. High school students must meet certain standards regarding grade point average, results on standardized test scores, and will be interviewed as a part of the admissions process.


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Financial Aid

The purpose of financial aid is to assist students that otherwise would not be able to afford to pay for educational expenses on their own. The responsibility of financial aid rests with the student and his or her family. Financial aid sources are designed to cover the difference between family contributions and other outside sources. Financial Aide ranges from student loans to scholarships and grants to work study. For student loans, all students are encouraged to apply on line and fill out the free application for student aid, also known as FAFSA. Financial Aid is only awarded to students after they have applied and have been accepted into the educational institution of choice. If the student receives financial funds through the form of a student loan, the student must attend loan counseling in person or on line, and then accept the award amount. Funds will then be disbursed to the students account to cover tuition and fees.

Other forms of financial assistance offered by the Indian Capitol Technology Center include the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant and the GI Bill, which is established through the Veterans Administration. Tribal Assistance and the Nursing Student Assistance Program are also available to students who meet specific criteria.

Student Financial Aid Details

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Local Community

Sallisaw is a small, quiet, quaint community that epitomizes the pleasures of ‘small town’ living. Sallisaw is located in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. The town itself is the largest in Sequoyah County. Sallisaw is located in the central area of the county near Muldrow. There are a number of community based activities for students of ICTC to participate in and enjoy.


Indian Capitol Technology Center is accredited by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges; a regional association of 19 states located in the North Central region of the United States. To obtain accreditation, the institution must provide a certain level of quality education and must be staffed by knowledgeable, well equipped instructors, who are able to deliver the material effectively. ICTC staff cares about its students and goes through great lengths to see that each student is equipped and prepared with what he or she needs to measure success once they have left the classroom.

Additional School Information

ICTC offers career planning and placement to their students. The office gives assistance with resume writing, job search, job readiness, and interview skills. The placement coordinator keeps in constant communication with the student, their instructors and the workforce in Oklahoma and local businesses to assist with the placement of ICTC students in jobs. Career counseling is another service offered by ICTC. Professional staff is available to assist all students with personal, professional, or academic goals. The counselors are also equipped to deal with more severe issues such as marital counseling, personal counseling, and bereavement.


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