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Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City is a two year college primarily aimed at developing workforce skills and preparing students for eventual transfer to a full four year college. The school was originally established in 1961 as the Oklahoma State University Technical Institute. Today, it offers approximately 40 different degree and certificate programs in a variety of formats meant to meet the needs of students from a number of backgrounds.

The school is one branch of the Oklahoma State University system, meaning it is a public institution. Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City offers approximately 40 different degree and certificate programs that are offered in different formats, from typical weekday classes stretched over a semester to intensive weekend sessions.

Located in Oklahoma City, the capitol of the state of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City is dedicated to training and certification programs that lead to professional certificates and associates degrees. Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City is the institution of over 5,000 students each year interested in a career-focused education.

Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City is accredited by and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. It is a part of the larger Oklahoma State University system and is often the choice of students looking to prepare themselves for eventual transfer to a full four-year college within or outside of that system.

OSUOKC offers programs of study in seven different areas: Agriculture Technologies, Arts & Sciences, Business Technologies, Health Services, Human Services, Science and Engineering and General Education. The five most popular programs of study are: Nursing, Criminal Justice, Management Science, Child Care and Support Services Management and Fire Science.

From associates degrees in applied science to cooperative agreement certificates, the institution presents students with a number of options not only in terms of what to study but also what types of degrees to earn.

Information Summary

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Overall Score (about) Insufficient Data
Total Cost On-Campus Attendance $5,938
Admission Success rate N/A
Student Ratio Students-to-Faculty 21 : 1
Retention (full-time / part-time) N/A / N/A
Enrollment Total (all students) 5,701


As mentioned, the school is dedicated towards training and certification programs more than full length college level programs. Thus, the majority of study programs lead to either a professional certificate or an associate of science or associate of applied science degree. Notwithstanding, there is a Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responder Administration offered at the school (another example of the institution’s preference for career tracked results).

The academic divisions (as they are referred to, rather than departments) are broken down into: Agriculture Technologies, Science & Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Human Services, Business Technologies and Health Services. The Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responder Administration is surprisingly (though understandably) a part of the Human Services division.

The school offers a fair amount of online learning opportunities, further amplifying its flexibility and practicality in providing educational opportunities; likewise, students are given service learning opportunities which give them the ability to apply their class learnt material in the community they are members of as students at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City. The size of the city itself gives these service learning opportunities fertile grounds in which to proliferate.

The university has two academic bodies present to promote and reward academic excellence: the Honors Program and Phi Theta Kappa. The former is specifically intended for recognition of outstanding academic performance, while the latter is aimed at applying students’ skills in the surrounding community through service opportunities and fellowships, etc.

The university’s academic programs are monitored and backed by the Ardmore Higher Education Center, which is responsible for the academic offerings of three other universities in the southern Oklahoma area. Separately, the school is a fully accredited member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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The Oklahoma State University -Oklahoma City has an open door policy that establishes very generous and basic entry requirements. Essentially, applicants need to have their high school studies completed by the time they will enter the school, and need to take the SAT/ACT examinations. However, the school does not establish a minimum score according to which applicants will be admitted; they simply have to take the test.

The school offers a more convenient online application form, though a hard copy application form is also available. In addition to the form itself, applicants need to submit an official copy of their high school transcript, a certificate of immunization, their ACT/SAT scores, and (if applicable) the non-resident application fee.

Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City has its own assessment test, known as COMPASS, which the school may require certain applicants to take at the administration’s discretion. The COMPASS test is used for placement purposes within certain subject areas. Applicants will be advised if they have to take the test.

Given the different levels of courses offered by the school, there are different admission requirements for college-level classes than the lower training and certificate classes. Hence, certain minimum academic performance records and standardized test results do apply for placement within these classes. This should not be confused with admission to the school itself, which does not impose such requirements.

Specific programs have varying requirements. For example, those wishing to take college-level courses and looking towards transfer into a four-year college must complete certain high school curricular requirements, score at least 19 on an ACT subject test and receive appropriate evaluation on the COMPASS placement test.

Those enrolling as adults or transfer students must meet other requirements and should seek information on the institution’s website.

Finally, specific requirements apply for transfer students, students over 21 years of age, and home schooled students. Consult the school for more details

Financial Aid

The Oklahoma State University -Oklahoma City has a fairly robust financial aid offering and strictly obeys federal and state guidelines and rules on the matter. There are several different types of financial aid available to students, and all applicants in need of help are encouraged to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

There are three different types of federal grants available for qualified students: the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and the Academic Competitiveness Grant. Each grant has specific requirements and some are dependent upon being a recipient of the others.

The Federal Work-Study program is a form of financial aid whereby students hold a job while attending a minimum amount of academic courses. The program is need-based and has a ceiling beyond which the program will be suspended.

Furthermore, the school qualifies certain eligible students to receive Subsidized FFEL Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and FFEL Plus Loans.

Separately, the state of Oklahoma offers resident students with eligibility for the Pell Grant the opportunity to apply for the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant, with a minimum academic enrollment requirement.

The school itself offers a limited amount of tuition scholarships destined to high potential and performance students, and generally applications have to be submitted several months before the beginning of the semester the student will first be enrolled in. The tuition waiver program is available for both full time and part time students, and being accepted to the Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City itself is a prerequisite for applying an application.

There are several different types of financial aid available to Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City students. First and foremost, students are asked to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once students have received their award notifications, which will come in the form of grants, loans and work-study, they may decide how to proceed. Beyond federal aid, OSUOKC students are also encouraged to look into private funding through scholarships and loans.

Each year, OSU – Oklahoma City also awards a number of scholarships based upon academic excellence, talent, leadership, potential and community service. Competitive awards are offered to both full-time and part-time students.

Students should note that the FAFSA priority deadline is May 31st. They should also comply with scholarship application deadlines, which are March 1st for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring.

Student Financial Aid Details

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The student body at the Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City has the benefit of being located in the middle of a major population center, with all the perks that that implies. Within the school itself, students have over 25 different organizations and clubs to choose between for entertainment and social purposes; furthermore, there is a very pleasant wellness center on campus which includes a complete track, several tennis courts, a five-hole golf course and even a volleyball court outdoors. In addition, there are different activities stretching throughout the entire year to keep students busy.

A little over half of the students are enrolled in academic courses on a full time basis, with a little under half engaged on a part time basis. This distribution reflects the fact that a lot of students at Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City are gathering work experience at the same time that they study, in tune with their training-focused academic format. Additionally, the vast majority of students at the school are from the state of Oklahoma itself, with only a few percent coming from other states.

The campus itself stretches out in rectangular fashion along several blocks of the center of Oklahoma City. With ample parking spaces and an intelligent, centralized use of space in the arrangement of academic buildings, getting around campus is not only easy between classes but there is ample area to roam around and enjoy the outdoors. Between the gardens, pond, the several sports grounds ending in the golf course, students are benefited with a relatively appealing campus for being located in a metropolitan area.

Many of the academic and residence buildings are built in a neo-Gothic style, giving the campus a fair amount of character and charm.

Student Enrollment Demographics

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Oklahoma State University – Oklahoma City makes a sincere effort to stay in touch with former students. For this reason, the college has established the OSU – Oklahoma City Alumni and Friends Foundation, comprised for former students, graduates, friends and neighbors wishing to stay connected to the campus. An affiliate of the OSU Alumni Association, its members receive campus news and updates including information on special events.

Those involved have a number of opportunities to take advantage of their participation through recruitment, mentoring, event planning and fundraising. About more than donating money and time, the association is about keeping alumni connected long beyond their college years.

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