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The Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski provides the local community with quality career and industry training and education. Over the last 40 years, the TTC-P has strived to create a learning environment that prepares students for success in a global market. Other Tennessee Technology Center locations are found at Lawrenceburg, Loretto and Lewisburg, as part of a system of 26 such statewide technology centers. The legislation behind this system was enacted by the General Assembly of Tennessee in 1963. Amongst the earliest programs offered at TTC-P were radio-TV repair, machine shop, welding, office occupations, and blueprint reading. The 15-acre Pulaski location serves the counties of Giles, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marshall and Maury, Tennessee.

At TTC-P emphasis is placed on “hands-on” learning, small class sizes, and career options in exciting fields. Students are able to confer with a TTC-P counselor in order to best outline their career paths and goals, as well as research means of financial assistance. With a small student body of just 1,200 students, each student is treated as an individual and given plenty of support, advice, assistance and attention. Students may choose to study in areas like advanced manufacturing education; heating, venting, air-conditioning, and refrigeration; residential/commercial wiring & plumbing; health sciences; business systems technology; industrial electricity; industrial maintenance technology; solar photovoltaic; computer operating systems & network technology; industrial welding; and computer applications. Programs of study grant students either 1 or 2 year certificates upon successful completion.

The Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski is an accredited member of the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, and holds accredited membership in the commission on Occupational Educational institutions. The University and Community College System and the Board of Regents of the State of Tennessee operate and supervise the Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski.

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Retention (full-time / part-time) 74% / 52%
Enrollment Total (all students) 619

Unique Programs

Special programs of study at the Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski include GED programs, dual enrollment programs, special industry training, the workforce investment act, and night classes.

General Educational Development or GED students must meet certain age requirements, provide two forms of appropriate identification, and pay a GED testing fee. Previous test scores must be forwarded to TTC-P, and preparation materials and courses are available for an additional fee.

Through the dual enrollment program local postsecondary institutions are allowed to work with both secondary and postsecondary students in credit earning courses of study at no cost to the high school student. The program targets high school juniors and seniors with interest in pursuing careers in fields of study offered at TTC-P. Current dual enrollment programs offered include advanced manufacturing education, business systems technology, computer operating systems and networking technology, HVACR, industrial maintenance technology, industrial electricity, industrial welding technology, and resident/commercial wiring & plumbing.

Special industry training, workforce development and customized job training give local professionals and students the opportunity to work with the Industrial Training Department at TTC-P in a variety of industrial, high tech, office and health care skills. With more than 20 years of program experience, and community connections with local businesses, industry, healthcare facilities, professional organizations and government agencies, and more, enrollees have the perfect opportunity to develop personal and professional skills. Clients include individuals, small businesses, corporations and more.

The Workforce Investment Act, or WIA, Programs work to retrain displaced workers, and reintroduce them into the job market of today. Workforce centers, local unemployment agencies, and career development work together to target and retrain displaced workers, offering special, exclusive classes. Current programs either existing or in the works include a solar photovoltaic technology program in Pulaski.

Night classes are provided for employed workers that either wish to get ahead in their chosen profession, or are looking for a career change. Currently Pulaski students may enroll in Dental Assisting, but classes frequently change due to community demand and interest.


In order to enroll at the Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski, students must be at least 18 years of age. There is a limit of enrollment in one occupational area. Admissions are rolling and students can apply at any time. Application forms can be obtained from the Center at Pulaski, and should be submitted to the Student Services Office. At this point each student will have the opportunity to discuss vocational objectives with a guidance counselor. The student will then be informed when his or her enrollment date time is by Student Services.

Separate enrollment standards apply to practical nursing applicants who must complete an application at a specific time, possess a high school diploma or GED, pass the Nurse’s Entrance Test, complete an interview, provide three employment related references and a physical examination. Credit for previous training may be granted at the discretion of TTC-P personnel.

Financial Aid

Tuition and fees will be based on each individual student’s terms of enrollment. Full-Time students must pay a maintenance fee which must be paid during registration. Part-Time, Short-Term or Supplemental programs will also incur a fee based on the length of the program enrollment. Secondary students and Specialty Industry Training students should consult with the Student Services Office. A non-refundable fee will be collected from all full- and part-time students for Technology Access. Additionally, special academic fees will be incurred by practical nursing students and industrial welding tech students per trimester.

Those interested in applying for financial aid while studying at TTC-P must consult with the Financial Aid Officer. Students may qualify for aid in the form of the Tennessee student Assistant Award, the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Work Study, the Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grant Lottery Scholarship, and a variety of other public and private sources. All students wishing to qualify must fill out a financial aid application. They must then contact the Tennessee Technology Center for FAFSA and fill out the FAFSA application.

In order to qualify for the Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Tennessee Lottery Scholarship Grant, students must be Tennessee residents of at least 18 years of age, or with a high school diploma/GED. Other programs include the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Veterans Administration Benefits, and the Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Student Financial Aid Details

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The Tennessee Technology Center at Pulaski is considered a small to medium sized school, with average enrollment around 1,000 students. The majority of enrolled students are either adult learners, working professionals, recent high school or GED graduates, or dual enrolled high school students. Students come from inside the state of Tennessee in the surrounding counties of Pulaski, which are all within commuting distance of campus.

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